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Buckle up folks and grab a cuppa or two WITH biscuits because this is quite a lengthy post! From finding out that I was pregnant through the 9 months of making the little one! It also has a couple of affiliate links included.

9 Months in the Making

M A R C H  2 0 1 8 | On the morning of Saturday 3rd March I woke up feeling quite sick which is terribly unlike me. Writing it off as not eating breakfast and having coffee I got on with my day. That evening I checked my calendar and had a bit of a shock to the system. Surely I couldn’t be pregnant, not right now! I’m sure we were careful . . . but then there was the night of Valentine’s Day.

{This is where the dreamy music taking us back in time would happen if this were a vlog/movie!}

F E B R U A R Y 1 4 T H 2 0 1 8 | On my way home from work after a particularly long day at work and I get a call from A saying that he isn’t going to be able to make it to mine until later – the plan was to be at mine when I got home and to have some down time together as we hadn’t seen each other for a while due to work and other commitments. Feeling slightly deflated I finished my drive home and went straight to the bathroom and showered the day away. All snuggled up in my towel I padded through to my bedroom and sprawled across the top with a card in his hand and a bag of goodies in front of his man bits I shit you not I actually dropped my towel in fright (at first). A bottle of champagne and some Barry White later is why we need to fast forward to Saturday 3rd March.

So, the morning after and I am in the coffee shop toilet after peeing on the stick of doom and wondering how my life will change if the test is positive. Will it be positive or negative and either way what would I do about it. Either way I would tell A the result.

P O S I T I V E | I’m going to be a mum and it’s not just to a baby but a little person for a very long time. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Can I do this? Surely not me! Well, obviously it was me! The next 8 months were a mix of challenging, eye opening and just weird experiences. The one word that comes to mind when I think of the whole pregnancy, birth and motherhood game is just WEIRD because every day is something new and I am forever trying to get my head around it all but that is okay because I am not the first and sure as shit wont be the last.

PREGNANT | 9 Months in the Making - Petersham Nurseries, Petersham Nurseries, Pregnant, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Announcement, Preggo, 9 Months Pregnant,Garson's Pick Your Own Farm, Garson's Farm Shop, Glad you got home before, Parenting, Motherhood, Parenting Blogger, Fay Simone

F I R S T  T R I M E S T E R | Thankfully I was lucky enough to escape the clutches of morning sickness. However, as I had carpal tunnel syndrome prior to pregnancy that flared up massively and the pain was unreal (more so in the mornings than anything else) – it was linked closely to water retention which also hit me pretty hard. With a lot of pain relief and perseverance with regards to my water intake things calmed down a bit towards the end of the first 12 weeks.

Here is where I start to sound like ‘just another pregnant woman’ but honestly the first 12 weeks really is the hardest. Other than my nearest and dearest I didn’t tell ANYONE – for me though I extended it to the 20 week mark just to be sure. It was mainly hard because of the tiredness and the nature of my job – I’m a nurse who works one to one with their patients and has to do EVERYTHING for them which includes a lot of turning and physical movements. By the end of my shift I was pooped without even dreaming of the thought of having to do yet another shift the next day. Finally when I told my boss work were an absolute dream as I knew they would be and things were a little easier. From that moment onwards I just rolled through to the next stage of pregnancy in my happy little bloated bubble. Just a heads up the guy in the pic is not A!

PREGNANT | 9 Months in the Making - Pumpkin Picking,Pumpkin picking, garson's farm esher, garson's farm, pick your own, Pregnant, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Announcement, Preggo, 9 Months Pregnant,Garson's Pick Your Own Farm, Garson's Farm Shop, Glad you got home before, Parenting, Motherhood, Parenting Blogger, Fay Simone

S E C O N D  T R I M E S T E R | This stage of my pregnancy began with us being able to see and hear our baby for the first time. You would think that I was in a very comfortable polygamous relationship if you would have seen the entourage in the waiting room but only myself and A actually made it to the sonographer’s room. Where I am openly not that emotional both myself and A shed a tear when we heard the heartbeat – the only way that I can describe it is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Everything started to click into place that I was actually going to be a mummy. 

Shortly after things started to unravel – our relationship was breaking down and being 5 months pregnant I was a ball of emotions. Dealing with the prospect of becoming a single mum was something that I couldn’t quite understand but had to come to terms with and sharpish.

When you are let down by someone that you consider to be your significant other it is also the time that you will find out who your true friends really are. Honestly without my mum, Catherine (Vintage Frills) and her husband I don’t think I would have made it to the end of the pregnancy mentally intact. From the relationship side of things during pregnancy it was hard going but as it was such a negative part I will go into more detail (maybe) in another post.

On the more positive side of things – one of the most exciting parts of the second trimester for most people is finding out the sex of the baby. We had both decided to not find out the sex of the baby but when it came to the crunch he found out and I left the room. I was excited for the surprise of it all and wanted it to stay that way. As I reached the end of this trimester I had almost finished planning the nursery and had a long list of items that I wanted to purchase from now up until birth. In true virgo style I was trying to stay as organised as possible to take any possible stress away from myself when it came to the end of the pregnancy as I knew that I would be absolutely shattered from the literal load I was carrying.

T H I R D  T R I M E S T E R | Hurray for dungarees! Finally my bump popped and I was able to embrace my maternity clothes. Going through hot weather whilst heavily pregnant really is a bit of a bitch but thanks to Birkenstock and JoJo Maman Bebe I was able to get through the heatwave ALMOST unscathed as I slopped about in my short dungarees and sandals without a care in the world. Third trimester was also time for my baby shower and oh my life it was not only a beautiful day on the weather front but thanks (again) to Catherine and three of my other friends (Gaurav, Vicky & Sash) it was pretty incredible – you can see more photos over on Catherine’s blog if you click HERE.

PREGNANT | 9 Months in the Making - Baby Shower, Baby Shower, Pregnant, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Announcement, Preggo, 9 Months Pregnant, Parenting, Motherhood, Parenting Blogger, Fay Simone

After the baby shower it was time to sort out life admin side of things such as maternity pay, household bill dates and of course getting my annual leave at work sorted. Luckily where I work long day shifts instead of 9-5, I ended up with a good chunk of time off before my maternity leave started. That being said by the time I got to the end of my annual leave I was itching for baby to make an appearance as I had done everything I need to do and was getting a little bored of waiting.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing and a bit of a bitch at the same time. One of the main things that I wish I did more of was taking childbirth classes and documenting my pregnancy in photos, navigate here if you want to know all about my childbirth classes. For someone who used to post frequently on Instagram throughout the pregnancy it was a bit of a radio silence. I think where I got used to not posting it on Instagram as I didn’t want certain people knowing until a certain date it just translated through to the rest of the pregnancy which is sad but I know in myself that despite some of the negative bits I have never been so happy.

I will be writing a separate post about my Labour, Delivery & Post Natal Ward experience as well as a whole host of other Parenting related posts so stay tuned (not all of them will be this long!). Thanks for giving me the time for catharsis it’s been a bumpy ride – here’s to the rest!

PREGNANT | 9 Months in the Making - letterboard quote, Pregnant, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Announcement, Preggo, 9 Months Pregnant, Pregnancy Announcement, Parenting, Motherhood, Parenting Blogger, Fay Simone

I'm 20 Weeks Pregnant, 20 Weeks Pregnant, 20 Weeks, Teddy Bear, Pregnant, Pregnancy, Parenting, Parent, Parenting Blogger, Mum to Be, Mother, Motherhood, Fay Simone

20 Weeks Pregnant, join me by saying #ThankYouMidwife!

Yep I did the deed, took a test, said it out loud and it’s happening. I’m 20 Weeks pregnant and still in a bit of shock if I’m completely honest. I’ve had a few appointments and I can safely say that some doctors can be pretty bloody unpleasant – not all of them obviously but my particular Obstetric Consultant wasn’t exactly a bundle of fun. After being told that I had a high BMI, I was then told that despite the numerous birth option out there I am limited to but a few due to my significant mass. Being a nurse I am perfectly aware of my BMI as well as the risks that go alongside having a high BMI, on top of the lack of evidence to support a lot of the decisions made purely on height and weight measurements – this is something however that was not even considered and I was treated like a child who needed to be spoken at rather than in open conversation. Just FYI here guys my BMI is not tipping the scales hence the upset. THEN the midwife saved the day. At this current moment in time all of the midwifes here are superheroes to me.

If you don’t know already (i’m sure you do!) there is the ongoing campaign to say Thank You to all Midwives in the UK and from the perspective of a nurse and expectant mother this is something that is important to me. Pampers originally launched the campaign over the Christmas period and publicised that they would donate £1 per social media post with the hashtag #ThankYouMidwife – this campaign has however continued and that is just wonderful.

The aim of the campaign is to donate a pound for each social media post to the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Benevolent Fund – we are sharing much deserved appreciation for a group of people who give it their all 100% of the time, no less but plenty more. It’s not always smiles and tears of joy they experience at times it’s tears of sadness and a feeling of being bereft whilst not knowing what to say to a mother in her time of need. This is our chance to be there for them.

So… getting back to my lovely midwife saving the day, from a nurse and mother to be #ThankYouMidwife you are bloody awesome – her name is Emily (I don’t want to put her full name as I don’t have permission) and she works at St George’s Hospital in Tooting – Thank You Emily you are amazing and I am lucky to have you as part of my team of midwives. To anyone reading this that have had the privilege of being cared for by a midwife or knows someone that has been or even is a midwife please share a message on social media with the tag #ThankYouMidwife and tag @PampersUKIre on Facebook, #Pampersworld on Instagram or @Pampers_UK on Twitter to give something back that will cost you nothing but a couple of seconds away from the regular time we all know that we love to spend on social media!

Moving on . . .

I am 20 Weeks pregnant and as far as I know things seem to be going well, I know it’s too early but I’ve already started to look into doula program services. I have my 2nd scan on Monday 2nd July (20 Week anomaly scan – things are done a little different to the US!) and even though things have progressed I am still very nervous. Apparently in the second trimester you start to feel a bit like your ‘old (pre-pregnancy) self’ and I can see that in me right now – personally I have never felt less pregnant and actually called the midwife for a heartbeat check – once again #ThankYouMidwife. 

There is plenty more to be said about how amazingly overwhelming the experience has been from start to where I currently am. The problem I have however is that for the first time in my life I just don’t have the words. On that note, ill leave it there and get back to you sooner rather than later I hope!

Are you pregnant?

Let me know, would be great to chat!