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Is three really the magic number?

Do you believe in the Power of Three?

Does bad luck really come in threes?!

For my sake I really am hoping that right about now three is my magic number and after the three shitty things that have happened to me so far this year I have had just about enough. A miracle would be amazing right about now and if it doesn’t stretch to a miracle just a few good things would be absolutely bloody wonderful. I’m sure we can say that there are some really crap things that have happened to us this year so far. My magic three go like this . . .

РMy dad sadly passed away in December but we buried him early January

– I spilt coffee in my handbag & my laptop is no longer

– Some twathole scratched the shit out of my car & didn’t leave a note

Now, if that isn’t a baptism of fire for the first part of the year I’m not sure what actually is. With that in mind I think it is time to shower my life and my lovely little corner of the internet with positivity, positivity and even more positivity. Can you see the flying unicorns and candy floss yet?! No! Well keep your eyes peeled.

We have seen off January with a hearty¬†good riddance and with February in full swing I am looking forward to the rest of the year with some serious excitement. I’m not going to share plans until they actually happen and I am going to stick to my guns about not setting resolutions for the year because you know what – YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and however cheesy that is it is true so I’m gonna live (and work obvs!).