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How does the song go . . . It Must Be Love, Love, Lurvvvvve!

Do you show your significant other how much you love them every day?
Or do you wait until Valentine’s Day?

Surely there is more to a relationship that showing your love on only one particular day – am I right?

At this current moment in time I am loving myself and I have to tell you there is no better feeling that making myself happy. This year I have devoted to establishing the word ‘Flourish’ in my life and that is something that I fully intend to do. Whethere I flourish alone, with friends or even into a new relationship right about now I have no idea and I am LOVING that particular feeling of the unknown. I have never in my life been less scared and more excited about the unknown prospects of life ahead.

You all know just as well as I do that there are certain pressures out there on woman of a ‘certain age’ (Over 30!) to crack on and settle down, have a family and get themselves off the proverbial shelf. Well do you know what . . . FUCK THAT SHIT! I will settle down with who I please, when I please and procreate if I so wish.

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Now, with that in mind let’s talk a little about ‘Self Love‘ and how you can achieve it EVERY SINGLE DAY with just the smallest change to your daily habits. Over the past month I have not blogged and in the time that I would normally spend worrying about what I should post and how I should take a particular picture to fit in with my ‘theme’ (that doesn’t exist!) I instead took some time to just think about myself (that and I had no fucking idea what to do with myself or this blog!). It was so nice to just light a candle, snuggle up and watch a bit of TV. I have fallen in love with my insta again and even took a trip to Amsterdam!

As a little homage to self love and of course myself the following photos are dedicated to loving yourself (in particular MYSELF!)

Love Yourself, Self Love, It Must Be Love, Blog A Book Etc, Fay, Love, Happiness

What do you do to show yourself a little/lot of love?!