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Things have been a little hit on the blog for quite a while now and there are many reasons for this – the main reason is that my full-time job seems to have taken over my life a little and home has proven slightly difficult also. At the start of the year when things were a lot bleaker my bestie and I made a promise to each other that we would both make this year a fabulous one (a pact made after watching the Ab Fab movie!).

Whilst keeping to our pact we also had to remember that neither of us are millionaires so we had to find different ways of making ourselves feel fab without breaking the bank. This is where my list comes in – a selection of things to do on a budget and if possible that are entirely FREE.

5 Free Things in London, London, London Blogger, Pretty Little London, Pretty City London, City, City Life, Life, London Life, Love London, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, Beautiful Day, Beautiful, Blogger, Blog A Book Etc, Fay Simone, Fay

My top 5 free things to do in London when you are wanting to feel fabulous are

  • Walk along the London South Bank – you can stop off at Gabriel’s Wharf and feel like you are on a mini break away if you don’t find something else to do as there is ALWAYS something going on along this beautiful stretch.
  • Visit St Paul’s Cathedral for a mass or choir practice – you will hear some of the most beautiful voices out there and quite possibly get quite emotional.
  • Visit the Tate Modern – this can be done whilst on your walk along the South Bank (double whammy!). There are so many free things to see and it is a great space to just walk and clear your head.
  • People watch at London Paddington station and whilst you are there check out the pop-up photography exhibition by Dave Burt from @London (It’s the last day folks – see if whilst you still can because it is AMAZING).
  • See the peacocks at Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park – this one is still on my list and I am so excited!

London Heathrow Express are currently celebrating a massive milestone – after opening their doors to the public in 1998 to this day the express has carried 100 million passengers. Seriously, that is such an achievement and as a Londoner an honour to know that we offer such a great service for all to access whether you are leaving/coming home or just visiting this wonderful place the London Heathrow Express is there for you.

Linked in with one of my favourite and free past times of people watching I managed to catch the pop-up exhibition at London Paddington and I must say it was lovely to watch. Funnily enough it reminded me of the film ‘Love Actually’ at the end – but maybe that is just me! I really do wish it was on for longer so I could go back again! I know it is double doing but sometimes it is nice to see things like this twice.

Check out this AMAZING video!

Have you seen it? If not, will you have time to pop in today because I would love to know what you think…

*This post has been sponsored by London Heathrow Express – thank you very much for working with me.


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