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Sunday’s really are great don’t you think?!

When you wake up on a Sunday (and have the day off) things just seem to be a lot more relaxed than any other day of the week. Sundays really are best for chilling out and doing the absolute bare minimum. If you must go out then clothing choices should be comfortable and View Full Post

Would You Call Me Down? Be My Valentine!, Valentine's Day, Valentine's, Romance, LoveSo it’s just under a week until the big day and I am a little stuck on what to do. Last year the Mr took care of celebrations, this year however is my turn to pull out the stops. It sounds a little crazy alternating the years in which one of you makes the effort but this year in particular the Mr will be in hospital the day before and I suspect in a lot of discomfort on the actual day so I want to try and create a pain free day for him. I have never really thought View Full Post

The Daily Grind, Shoreditch Grind
If every day was filled with delicious breakfasts and the perfect coffee wouldn’t it be sweet. This is one thought that seriously makes me consider packing up work and becoming self employed. Obviously being self employed isn’t all fancy breakfasts and long breaks, it’s about self motivation and View Full Post

Maximise Your Me Time, Me Time, Alone Time, Solitude, Introvert, Life

As promised in my Alone Time post over the past couple of days I have been taking at least 1 hour out of the day to spend with just me, myself and I. This is where I have to tell you, even though it was just two days, so far I am LOVING it! Me time really is the key to relaxation and View Full Post

The Importance of Alone Time, Alone Time, Simple. Life, Peace, Quiet, Only Child

The holiday season is well and truly over but so is January – well, almost! Just think back through the month of January, if you can remember it as it has practically flown by. Usually when the festivities are over I am ready for a long dreary month of keeping my head down and waiting patiently for pay day. As I have been lucky enough to have annual leave I have spent most of it View Full Post