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To truly ‘Flourish‘ is to grow and develop.

Personally growth and development are the two things that I feel that I would like to put my all into over the next year. It has taken me many years to be comfortable in myself and stop feeling the need to compare myself to others. I keep a very small friendship group as I find it incredibly hard to trust people and let them in.

To truly grow and develop I believe that it is something that needs to be not only emotional but also physically and mentally. It may seem like two small components in life but to do them both on such an epic (on a personal level!) scale is something that is not only daunting but extremely exciting.

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There are so many parts of my self that I am looking forward to exploring and either improving, eradicating or just enjoying. Like many of you out there I love a good list so it’s time guys – let’s break out a list and see where it goes!

Monthly Attitude

When you think of “monthly attitude” what is the first thing that comes to mind?! Well, let me tell you during my ‘time’ I am far from a dream-boat and closer to true definition of a complete and utter wanker (Urban Dictionary point 2!). Yep, I admit it – when I am on my period I don’t just see red I can be vile.

So, what am I going to do about it? In the effort to stop acting out I am going to look more into myself and spend a little more time alone. I figure that if I spend the time pampering myself and feeling good from within I won’t be such a vile human on the outside. I’ll let you know how I get on – I’m sure it will be on Insta or at least Twitter!


Contrary to the belief I would have put in you that I can be totally and utterly vile (see above!) for the rest of the month and my life I am actually a very caring person. I care hard and fast and have very little time for those that don’t give a shit. I am fiercely loyal and loving and those that are close to me know what I am like. To the naked eye (general public) I may come across as crass with a general disdain for people with a devil-may-care attitude but that is not farther from the truth.

Two of my closest friends recently alerted me to the fact that I tend to attract people who ‘need help’. Whether that help is emotionally, physically or mentally I seem to be the one that most people lean on.

Now, I don’t want to stop caring but right now I feel incredibly drained so I think for my own good I need to stop putting my all into others and think more about me. Of course I will continue to care for those that are in my life and of course those that I choose to care about but the time has come for me to take a step back and let people get the hell on with whatever they are going to do – even if I can see them on the path to ruin (that sounds a lot more dramatic than the way I mean it!).

***Blimey this post is getting VERY introspective isn’t it!***

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Nothing But The Truth

Telling someone how it is isn’t something that has to be a nasty experience. With many years experience of not holding back that doesn’t make me a bitch (although I am self-confessed!) it is just easier to tell someone the truth instead of instilling false hope and then losing a potential friendship because a little white lie grows into something that neither of you can handle in the end. My friendships are based on respect and those that are closest to me know that I won’t lie to them about my feelings and thoughts. This is something that I will most definitely not change about myself – if anything I will continue to be this way and encourage others to do so if they so wish.

The truth may hurt but if told from the get go is like a plaster (band-aid for the Americans!) – if ripped off hurts a little but then the pain is gone. Concealing a lie is not only hard work but also hurts a lot more when found out as the distrust will eat away at you.

The list is of course ongoing but for now I think that is more than enough!

What is on your word for the year?

Check out Elizabeth’s awesome post & it may help you choose your word

There is a great downloadable list and plenty of space to help you mull things over. Although I was encouraged by this list mine came to me in a moment of inspiration on the toilet!

Winkworth in Bloom, Winkworth, National Trust, NT, Winkworth Arboretum, Blogging, Self Care, Self Love, Love Yourself, Self, Care, Love, Flourish, Word of the Year, New Year's Resolutions, New Year, February, Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, Fay Simone, Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Blog, Pinterest

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Despite a recent election that I don’t really want to discuss I do really LOVE the US.
So I say from America with love from me to you!

Honestly I do wish that I could get to the US more but with lack of time and funds it is quite impossible to visit as much as I would like. This visit however is one that just had to happen as it is a special occasion for my lovely cousin – she is getting married. With all of that aside this post is certainly not about the wedding (I love you cuz but NO!). This post is one that is going to highlight all of the fabulous things that I miss about the US when I am home in glorious London.

Nowadays unlike the days of my youth (oh wowza!) we do have access to some of the little treats that were not previously available – of course they are at a premium price. But for those that are still not available I have highlighted the ones that I made the most of whilst out there and those that I sadly missed out on.

Bath & Body Works

I’m not sure that this particular place needs any fancy introduction – this is one where I love to grab as many candles as possible and of course being a nurse grabbing hold of as many pocketbac’s as I have justify cramming into my bag (and of course many more for my gorgeous god-daughter! We have a healthy obsession for clean and scrumptious smells!). On this visit I have a few that I have had my eye on, a couple of which will just be replacements for the ones I love and have burnt out knowing that I was coming out again and others that just look truly scrumptious!

Georgetown Cupcakes

This place makes me think of 2 Broke Girls – I know it is no Williamsburg but you know cupcakes, cupcakes and of course more cupcakes. Who doesn’t love a dirty great treat yo’self moment. I went for a Salted Caramel cupcake that comes with salted caramel infused buttercream frosting with a generous caramel drizzle and an iced tea. I mean Georgetown Cupcakes IN FRIGGIN’ GEORGETOWN.

Frozen Yoghurt

For the majority of the trip the weather was absolutely fantastic and my Vit D levels felt like they were at their peak. It was the perfect opportunity to grab some Frozen Yoghurt and Sweetfrog was the place that I wanted to go, sadly I didn’t make it for FroYo but there is always next time. Apparently there is even a Sweetfrog in the UK (Southend-on-sea – I’m not sure I will be getting there anytime soon sadly!) so I will have to make do with heading into Soho and being jostled from left to right.

The Mall

During my last visit to the US my cousin took me to Tyson’s Corner – I have never in my life seen anything like it and was truly astonished to see a shopping centre of such magnitude. Obviously I am used to Westfield but this was something else entirely. Unfortunately Tyson’s was a little on the far side to get to so my aunty took us to a place called Arundel Mills and it was just as amazing. The deals that we got were phenomenal, the size of it was once again astounding and the food was just so friggin’ tasty. I was able to get a lot of shopping for birthdays and Christmas done whilst there which in a way wasn’t great as my case was busting at the seams but what’s done is done.


Do I need to say much more?! Well, in keeping with all of the above I will! Those of you that are located conveniently within visiting distance to a Sephora much like Bath & Body Works don’t know how lucky you are! Thankfully however Sephora US now delivers to the UK which I will be taking advantage of from now on of course. On this trip once again this haven provided me with the perfect opportunity to get some birthday and Christmas presents as well as some personal treats. I have put together a little haul that I will be posting soon so keep your eyes peeled.

So with all of the above in mind I really think that I need to get back out to the US more often and see a little more of it with regards to states as well as my family of course!

It is ridiculously picturesque and the shopping really is on another level.

Have you been to the US?
If so what do you like the best about it?

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Why is the question always fit OR fat, can you not be fit and fat?

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Have you gone through life constantly questioning yourself? I have to admit that this has been me for quite some time now. Second guessing myself with regards to personal appearance according to the latest trend, a comment or even what some call ‘advice’. I mean seriously who the fuck are you to be making me feel like shit warmed up – well, let me tell you! No-one!

I refuse to let anyone else make me feel substandard when it comes to my appearance. Now, that is all good and well making such a bold statement but living with it is something completely different. I have never been a skinny minnie, I tend to teeter on the average/voluptuous scale which is fine by me. It would just be a bit nicer if there were more options open to those of us that are in the same category as my ironing board. I have no aspirations of becoming a home appliance – I am a person godammit. No I am not crazy peeps just a bit peeved.
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Luckily we live in the age of social media and body positivity. That was not so much the case when I was growing up. Of course social media can be dangerous at the same time as positive. As much as we cannot control what is posted out into the ether we can make a conscious choice about the material we see and actively make an effort to absorb. With only a small portion of media focused on body positivity it is quite hard at times to weed what is deemed as normal to get to the devils in the detail.
From my mother to one of my closest friends there is a significant age gap, those in between at this current moment in time are just getting on with it. The two polar opposite ends of the age spectrum however seem to be suffering with the constant need to buy into the negativity that they are just not good enough when it comes to weight and loving their bodies.
It would be great if there was a happy medium when it comes to loving yourself but it really does take a lot of work on both a physical and mental level. My personal feelings on this subject may seem a bit obtuse but honestly it would be so much better if you spend time on making a conscious effort to love yourself instead of striving for a life that is not yours. If you feel the need to go to the gym because it makes you feel great then do it, if you want to sit at home and eat a bucket load of cheese in front of the tv then do it. The only one that can judge you is YOU.
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Overall we need to stop chastising ourselves for feeling good about being what the media describes as bad and enjoying life. You only get one life so FUCK the media and their idealistic views on what your waist size should be and how you should live your life – go and LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU.


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Personally I love a bit of Christmas cheer as early as possible in December but at the beginning of November it just seems that each year lately Christmas is started earlier and earlier. With Michael Bublé on my Spotify with a touch of View Full Post

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