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Happy 1stDecember you lovely lot – I haven’t been around for a while despite my last post about getting back into the game. BUT I have a very valid reason for my absence! I HAD A BABY – yes peeps it’s not just me anymore, I am responsible for another human. However, the month of December is upon us and time is flying by at an alarming rate. It has been a long year but the past month seems to have vanished into thin air so I have no doubt that this month will be gone in a wink so I am trying to get through my December to do list before things get on top of me.

My December To Do List

Put Tree Up | The tree is in the box and ready to be put up, it’s just finding the time between looking after baby and the rest of life. Once the tree is up and we have all of the decorations out it really does start to feel Christmassy around here. We are a little late on the organisation side of things this year – blame the baby!

Write Christmas Cards | Usually by this time I have a list of cards to write and have reached the half way mark – once again it’s the baby! That being said my list is not far off complete and I have my cards and stationery ready and waiting.

Fill Christmas Eve box| The box I chose wasn’t massive so there may be an additional bag in the mix, but my aim is to fill it with some awesome little Christmas treats for bub and me. There will be a post about what goes into the box so keep your eyes peeled.

Christmas Market | I love a good Christmas market and there are so many good ones out there. I’d love to get up to Winter Wonderland, but I might stay a little closer to home and head to Winterville – looking at some of the pictures from last year it looks so cute. If you have been, I’d love to know how it went for you?!

Christmas Movie Marathon | It’s time to get out all of my favourite Christmas movies as well as other favourite films and plot up for the day. This is the perfect day to snack throughout the day, so it is the perfect opportunity to get all of my favourite foods and just veg out. Once again there will be a post of what is on my list. Do you have a favourite Christmas film?

Wrap presents with Christmas soundtrack | This has been a tradition in our house for so many years and it really does mean that Christmas is just around the corner. Our album of choice is Christmas with Nat & Dean and although it is on repeat whilst wrapping it doesn’t get annoying. Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

List of Appreciation | This may sound a little bit odd but this year I have had a lot to be grateful for and I look forward to listing it all, so it is there in front of me. It hasn’t been the easiest year and there have been a lot of things that haven’t gone according to plan, but I am so grateful for everything that has gone right. What are you grateful for that has happened this year?

Of course, there are other things that happen across the course of the month, but these are the main branches to the tree (see what I did there – ok! Mum joke!).

A list of things to do in December to prepare for Christmas, My December To Do List, December, Organisation, December To Do List, BlogMas, Fay Simone, Blogger

Do you have a list of things that you get up to through the month of December?