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Why is the question always fit OR fat, can you not be fit and fat?

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Have you gone through life constantly questioning yourself? I have to admit that this has been me for quite some time now. Second guessing myself with regards to personal appearance according to the latest trend, a comment or even what some call ‘advice’. I mean seriously who the fuck are you to be making me feel like shit warmed up – well, let me tell you! No-one!

I refuse to let anyone else make me feel substandard when it comes to my appearance. Now, that is all good and well making such a bold statement but living with it is something completely different. I have never been a skinny minnie, I tend to teeter on the average/voluptuous scale which is fine by me. It would just be a bit nicer if there were more options open to those of us that are in the same category as my ironing board. I have no aspirations of becoming a home appliance – I am a person godammit. No I am not crazy peeps just a bit peeved.
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Luckily we live in the age of social media and body positivity. That was not so much the case when I was growing up. Of course social media can be dangerous at the same time as positive. As much as we cannot control what is posted out into the ether we can make a conscious choice about the material we see and actively make an effort to absorb. With only a small portion of media focused on body positivity it is quite hard at times to weed what is deemed as normal to get to the devils in the detail.
From my mother to one of my closest friends there is a significant age gap, those in between at this current moment in time are just getting on with it. The two polar opposite ends of the age spectrum however seem to be suffering with the constant need to buy into the negativity that they are just not good enough when it comes to weight and loving their bodies.
It would be great if there was a happy medium when it comes to loving yourself but it really does take a lot of work on both a physical and mental level. My personal feelings on this subject may seem a bit obtuse but honestly it would be so much better if you spend time on making a conscious effort to love yourself instead of striving for a life that is not yours. If you feel the need to go to the gym because it makes you feel great then do it, if you want to sit at home and eat a bucket load of cheese in front of the tv then do it. The only one that can judge you is YOU.
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Overall we need to stop chastising ourselves for feeling good about being what the media describes as bad and enjoying life. You only get one life so FUCK the media and their idealistic views on what your waist size should be and how you should live your life – go and LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU.