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Right about now I really want to get myself sorted and start blogging again.

I have lists upon lists of ideas that I want to blog about but I think the one thing that I am going to do is get rid of those lists and start afresh. This is not a post where I go on about having a full time job and blogging as things have changed and life goes on. There is a high percentage of bloggers that have full time jobs and keep their blogs more than afloat so there really isn’t any excuse. I work shifts so in the future I am a going to take a leaf out of my old organised blogging book and plan ahead.
There will be no promises until I get into an actual routine but one thing that I really want to have at the forefront of my mind is that I want the direction of my blog to change. I want my blog out there and I want it to mean something.
Do you ever feel like you want to be more out there but you’re not sure quite how to go about it?
If you have any suggestions then please don’t be a stranger!

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Do you ever get that feeling when you sit in front of your laptop and you want to write so badly and there is so much to say. BUT, nothing comes out. It’s not writers block because I am not a writer, it’s just a BLOCK! I have next to nothing to say.

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It’s June people! Over the past month I have been less than visible on the blog and I have kind of disappointed myself. After posting about getting my blogging mojo back I thought I was in the right place to get things up and running again. However, it clearly was not the right time. I have been floating around on Twitter and Instagram and keeping myself to myself on Facebook both personal and for the blog. I figured that the start of a new month would be the perfect View Full Post

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Blogging Mojo

It has been weeks since I have actually wanted to sit down and write something for my blog. I don’t know if you care and at some stage I wasn’t actually sure that I cared anymore. This week however I seem to have got my blogging mojo back. My goal for this blog was never to View Full Post

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Sometimes it is a really good idea to just stop, shut up and think seriously about those little things in life that really do make you smile. Firstly if I was in the mood to shut up I wouldn’t be writing this post, today however I am in a very thoughtful mood. There are some days when View Full Post