BLOGMAS DAY 17 | Winter Skincare, Neals Yard Remedies, Neals Yard, Rejuvenating Frankincense, Toner, Rehydrating Rose, Facial Oil, Skincare, Beauty, Winter Skin Care, Cold Weather, Organic Skin Care Time to get your Winter Skincare regime in check

It’s that time of year where you skin needs just that bit more attention than you usually give it. Despite it not being bitterly cold – I would like to say yet but i’m not a weather girl – the constant changes in temperature will have an effect on your skin especially your face due to the constant exposure. Whether you are particular sensitive or not your skin really does need that little extra TLC.

With sensitive skin that is prone to dry patches in the colder months I try to be a bit more strict with myself and my skin care routine so I can try with all my mite to keep the dry bits at bay. Neal’s Yard is one of the brands that features heavily in my routine and has done for quite some time now. From face scrub to eucalyptus salve Neal’s Yard really is one of my favourites and even A loves some of their products which is a big plus. One of the major plus points is that despite what some may say is pricey a very small amount goes a very long way and the products last for a very long time and most of their packaging is reusable. We are onto a winner guys – get involved!

BLOGMAS DAY 17 | Winter Skincare, L'Occitane, Almond Oil, Skincare, Beauty, Winter Skin Care, Cold Weather, Organic Skin Care

Another brand that I am particularly fond of  is L’Occitane – not only do their products smell amazing but they are one of the few that also do not irritate my skin. Many may think they have quite heavily scented products but the one particular collection that I go for is incredibly subtle and really does do the trick when it comes to moisture. I am a lover of oils and I really cannot help it so when you say almond oil for skin you have my FULL attention. For many years I have used almond oil on my hard to handle locks so for the skin I am a great advocate of its use. The company itself advocates traceability and all actions are guided by what they call a two-fold desire to preserve and pass on. The key ingredients used in their products are listed for all to see and this is something that really is nice to see as it really is “what you see is what you get!”.

BLOGMAS DAY 17 | Winter Skincare, L'Occitane, Almond Oil, Skincare, Beauty, Winter Skin Care, Cold Weather, Organic Skin Care

What are you favourite Winter Skincare Items?

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