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There will always be room for Lovers & Friends

On a daily basis how many people do you come into contact with? Whether it be face to face or online? I’m guessing that on average if we all really put ourselves out there we could reach a significantly large group of people. In that group of people how many would you consider friends? If that is too much to think about then at least contemplate out of the forever growing number of contacts how many could you call an acquaintance?

There is a significant difference between a friend and an acquaintance and I believe that even within that downsized circle there is an even larger divide between a friend and a best friend. When I say best friend I am not talking in the typically high school kind of way where you are best friends this week and next arch enemies. The type of ‘bestie’ that I am talking about is the one who has been there for you from way back when to a point that both of you and only the two of you can name the day. Do you have one person that despite all of the petty childhood arguments and teen angst that you can truly call a friend? A sister?

My late father once told me something that a very wise friend of his told him ‘You can count your true friends on one hand but your family don’t need counting as they are in your heart forever’. During the immediate period after losing my dear daddy it was crystal clear who my real friends and family are. Those that have been by my side know who they are and it was in my time of immediate need. In a time where my world crumbled into the smallest pieces each one of them were there putting me back together again. Please don’t be mistaken that I am fully recovered as that really is a long way off but with their help I will get there and the same is reciprocated to them.

I digress. . .

My blood sister is non-existent as I am an only child but the sister in my heart is Catherine from Vintage Frills.

Over the years we have had some rough times both individually and together but we are still unbreakable and every day I thank god that she is in my life. Between the two of us we have seen off many adversaries (the men in our lives and those female ‘friends’!) but our tough exterior doesn’t falter. We have moaned about each other TO each other but life never seems to get in the way if one needs the other. Luckily between the two of us we have two blokes who seem to have just accepted that we will be there no matter what – thankfully! I am lucky enough to have two beautiful strong willed god children and look forward to making life even better in the future. She has been my rock when I most need her and I love her for that and much more.

Life goes on and so does our friendship.

Who is your rock, bestie, sister? I’d love to know.

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Time to Share The Love

By now most of you will be either reading it, saying it, singing or just getting it out there in one way or another but HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY beautiful people. It is Tuesday 14th February and cupid’s arrow has been well and truly used and abused. The poor little sod has been floating about in his nappy with his arrow aiming at all of those lovely little heart strings in the hope to bring us all together with the one person that is meant for us (if you choose to believe it!).
Love, Life, Romance, Valentine's Day, Valentine's, Relationships, Roses, Flowers, Cupid, Valentine's Day Treats, Date Night, Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, lbloggers, bloggers, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

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Don’t love her because she is beautiful, love her and she is beautiful.

Of course you are thinking that there are a million and one things on your lovely lady’s wish list, but you know what you are probably the one and only thing she really wants for Valentine’s Day. In this day and age so much emphasis is put on the materialistic things in life and with work and everything else there is little time left to just be together. So this weekend the Mr and I spent a lazy weekend together doing not much (apart from my car MOT!) and let me tell you it was bloody amazing. This post links to my previous post of Love Yourself and Love Him as all of these posts are about showing some love with the bare minimum and getting the most of it. Just by giving that bit of extra time you can really make a difference in her day. Of course I have put a few of favourite things that I and let’s face it most females like to do but they are cheap and cheerful so check them out and let me know what you think.

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Flower Markets

Now I know that it isn’t every mans cup of tea to be traipsing around lugging bunches of flowers that your Mrs has bought because they are oh so pretty but you know what, if she likes it just do it! This isn’t me saying that you should be giving up every Sunday for the rest of your days but at least one would be nice. A massive plus point would be if you could slap a smile on your boat race and not let us know that you are dreadfully unhappy about this particular experience. My Mr is definitely in the category of ‘why don’t you and Cathy go to the market and meet me in the coffee shop afterwards’ bloke (Cathy from Vintage Frills can’t testify to that!). The last time I bought flowers this year however were for my dad’s funeral so I think the Mr really did make the effort to make me smile with a big bunch of red and white roses. Guys, you don’t see me admit it enough but this time I’ll say it loud and proud ‘THE BOY DID GOOD’ he really did. The fresh blooms really did lift my spirits and made me smile which I reckon  is a pretty great thing for someone to be able to do for you. What’s your favourite flower? My favourite is the Orchid but they take such time and patience that I really don’t have!

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Write It Out

Sometimes emotions don’t come out through words as they were meant to originally be conveyed when thought about in your head. With that in mind it may be a good idea for you to put pen to paper and write your love and little note just to say what is really going on up in that cranium of yours because let’s face it you aren’t just a pretty face right?!

Can you remember the last time that received something through the letterbox that was an absolute surprise and not a bill or piece of crap? If you can sympathise with this imagine how good it would make your significant other feel to get something in the mail just for them. If you don’t fancy sticking a letter through the post or can’t quite bring yourself to write a letter then how about love notes around the house. It is cheap and may even be free if you already have the post-its so get creative and tell her that you love her. One thing that usually gets a tear from my ducts are music lyrics, especially those from John Legend – that man has a way with words and we both love his song All of Me so go figure.

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Favourite Coffee Shops

Look at that for a latte – huh! I mean just look at it! I had the matcha latte because of course I am not that adventurous but Cathy took the plunge and let me taste it and next time I will be getting that next time. There are other options but after a couple of cocktails we made our choice before we even got to AIDA. Coffee shops may be the places that you are happy for your lovely ladies to go with their girlfriends so you can have a bit of alone time with your playstation or whatever it is you guys do when we go for a gossip. It is however one place that most gals go to relax and just chill whether with a friend or not, so maybe it would be nice to spend a little down time together in her favourite coffee shop. One of my favourites as you can see is AIDA Shoreditch and it isn’t too far from the Mr’s so one day I will get him there, if I fail in my mission to get him there there is a lush little coffee place at the end of the road called 56 St James that also serve a killer breakfast/brunch.

On that note I will leave you with the Mr and I’s favourite song.

With all of that in mind it is time to really show her that you LOVE HER and remember not just on Valentine’s Day. 

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It’s time to Love Him.

The main message from these little love posts is that to show love it is not always about materialistic things. I’m sure that we can all agree that it is nice to get a present that means something from our significant others but if it is just a token with no thought then it can be rendered meaningless as it sits on the side gathering dust. In comparison making memories with someone and actually putting a bit of thought into things really does go a long way and will be remembered for years to come. From me to the Mr this year I have got a jokey pressie, one that he actually will love and other things on the peripheries that he appreciates more than anything else.

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If you are going to get someone a present the best thing that you can get them is either something that they have coveted for quite some time or something that you know that they will genuinely love and cherish. As mentioned above it is pointless buying a meaningless piece of tat for both parties as it is money wasted and nothing gained. However, when you go out of your way to think deeply about what the recipient of the present would like you not only spend wisely but get that great feeling of knowing they will love what you go them and when they open it they will be smiling thinking not only how great you are but how awesome their new gift is. I have to admit I have bought frivolously before without much thought and if I’m honest I feel a little hollow when giving it and always end up wonder should I have bought something else.

The Mr loves a good book both writing and reading and one of his favourite series before it was even televised was Game of Thrones. Being someone who has quite an active imagination he loves illustration as it lets out his thoughts in a way that sometimes words just cannot quite capture adequately. With that in mind the illustrated edition of Game of Thrones was the perfect present for him and as we are not seeing each other on Valentine’s Day I gave it to him this morning and he LOVES it.

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There is nothing better than hunkering down and snuggling up with your other half. We love our cuddles and his scent drives me insane – I know that sounds quite animalistic but you know who gives a shit – he is my man and I am damn proud. When we are at home we just kick back in our PJ’s and can watch film after film, there are no awkward silences, if anything he is telling me to shut the fuck up for talking to the screen (my mother’s child!). When I think of things that both of us would enjoy the one thing that springs to mind is a nice hot bath and a couple of drinks at home. Despite loving the great outdoors we are big home bods incase you haven’t noticed already!

Whilst out and about I picked up a few Lush goodies for our baths this weekend and they are just divine. Of course there are the special valentine’s range but he has quite sensitive skin (even more so than me!) so I have gone for one of his favourites which are Blackberry Bath Bomb mixed with a new one of mine Lover Lamp and the luxury bath oil Floating Island to make sure there is nothing too intense that may irritate. Despite being a bit of a mixed bag I love all of the scents and I think the bath oil tones down some of the more pungent scents and of course softens the skin at the same time.

There are so many ways to show the man in your life that you love him, please don’t do it on a whim. Take a step back, put some thought into it and really go for it because you know what guys – when you find the one you can give your all to they do the same back and it feels fucking amazing.

I’m not sure if he will read this but if he does this is for you A – I love you more than anything in this world baby.

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It’s time to Love Yourself

There are times when you just need a little bit of that rare ‘me time’ and what you do with it is entirely your choice. From a quiet coffee in the garden admiring the frost to slapping on your favourite face mask and just pottering about doing not much at all. Lately I have been trying to promote self love in my life as many of you may know from reading past posts, chatting with me on twitter or just because things haven’t been that great.

Yesterday was one of the first days since all the shit hit the fan that I can actually say I have actually relaxed. Whilst taking care of everyone else I also for the first time in a long time took care of me from top to almost bottom and I say that with good reason. As it is Valentine’s Day next week I think it is only right that we all start to love ourselves a little bit more before we start spreading the love about for others out there. It’s only right that I practice what I preach so check out some of my favourite products that I used whilst in pamper mode.

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Multi Masking

Everyone has their favourites right?! Well, a couple of face masks that keep making a reappearance in my life are Drink Up and Out of Trouble by Origins. As I was feeling the need for a little extra pampering I decided to put the two together and attempt at getting rid of a few pesky oily bits that have been troubling me over the last couple of weeks. I felt invigorated, moisturised and quite frankly just so fresh.

Each mask has a different texture and Drink Up in particular smells absolutely divine. Out of Trouble is a lot thicker and more chalk like so when I layered it over the top and the paste like consistency stuck together with the Drink Up mask very nicely. Each mask is a 10 minute quick fix so I left it on a little bit longer as I messed with the regular running of things as per instructions on the tube and all that jazz! To get Out of Trouble off I have always used a muslin cloth as it seems to take longer to get out of a regular flannel, there is also the added benefit of that scrubbing feeling you get with a hot muslin. If you want that bit of extra grit adding an exfoliator into the mix is always a plus for me – you know that extra clean feel.

Tone & Moisturise

After an intense cleanse and scrub the tone and moisture portion of the afternoon began. The toner that I use on a daily basis is the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is not only gentle but really gets rid of grime that sticks around after a long day at work or may just creep up on you overnight whilst getting your beauty sleep. Whilst this amazing tonic works its magic it is time to make a cuppa and let it sink in. By the time the kettle has boiled is round about the perfect time to get cracking on preserving those peepers and giving your eyes a little pep in their peep with the Liz Earle Superskin Eye Cream, a little advice that I received recently was to only apply eye cream to the bone under and above the eye rather than on the skin on the eye itself, the reasoning behind this is that the skin on your eye is extremely sensitive and can get very irritated by the smallest interruption to its status quo.

Finally for this portion of self love for an overall moisture hit to the entire face I use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser, I have to admit that sometimes when I am rushing to get ready for work and don’t have the time to tone and sort my eyes out this is the one thing that keeps my face soft and supple right through a tough day at work – 14 hours peeps. It sinks in but remains as a buffer on top of the skin for that smooth, supple feel.

Love Your Lips

If you are not already a fan of lip scrubs then seriously you do not know what you are missing. Just think, all of that amazing body scrub that you get through, face exfoliators and other such products. Have you ever thought about those luscious lips of yours? After all I’m sure when we all have a serious think about it our mouths are used a lot more than many other parts of our bodies, as well as that along with your face they are one of the first things to brave the elements. As I work in an area where there is literally NO fresh air due to windows not opening for infection control purposes my lips end up incredibly dry at the end of a shift and by the end of the week start to resemble something close to crocodile skin (nice right!).

My remedy for your lips that are dry as fuck are to keep them moisturised during the week and once or twice a week if things are really that bad scrub your pouters to within an inch of their life and when you wash off the scrub you will be back to a supple sally once again. No one wants to kiss lizard lips, well I know I don’t and neither does my other half – if that is your thing then no offence! The scrubs that I use are the Lush Lip Scrubs and they come in a variety of ‘flavours’ which all smell absolutely divine, the choice is most definitely yours so make the most of it and if you can’t decide get them all.

Sugar Plum Fairy and Santa Baby are my favourite Christmas scrubs and if I can I will make them last for most of this year or at least the first quarter! Sugar Plum Fairy is like scrubbing your lips with the comforter bubble bar which is surprising as the ingredients list for this scrub doesn’t include blackcurrant or cassis – it boggles the mind but does not bother me that much as I’m still loving it. Santa Baby is another firm festive favourite of mine but not because of the name or the colour but for the cola flavour, I mean who doesn’t love a bit of cola.

My firm favourite is Mint Julips and thankfully it is one that sticks around all year instead of the special editions that are just as delectable, my main reason for favouritism towards this particular scrub is because of the fresh feeling that your lips get after you scrub, it’s like smelling olbas oil when you have a really bad cold. All of Lush lip scrubs are completely edible, not that I spend my time eating those sugary little bits but it’s nice to know – isn’t it?!

When you have finished with all of that do not forget to apply a nice thick layer of lip balm. A personal favourite that seems to have made its way into my handbag, work bag and bedside is the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm and the smell – oh my life peeps – it smells like LEMONS!!!


After all of the above are done and I am ready to go and just get on with life I love to have a good spritz of my favourite fragrance. Now I’m sure I’m not the only one that has quite a few favourites so I like to keep them out and to hand so I can spritz at my leisure, but that is another post! At the moment I am very much in the mood for Spring despite the forever changing weather forecast I’m there ready and waiting fragrance in hand.

For years I have coveted many a Jo Malone fragrance and last year things went a bit nuts on the spending front and I found myself with a couple, my favourite however for this time of year is the Earl Grey & Cucumber there is something sultry yet fresh about it and it just makes me feel very alive. I’d love to know what your favourite fragrance for this time of the year is.

Well that is me well and truly done for today and I have to praise you if you got to the end of this post without switching off several times. I do have a question for you and that is . . .

How do you show yourself the love you so deserve?