For the past couple of months I have been suffering with bad hair days/weeks. It seems endless – I have laid off the straightening (my GHD’s look lonely!) and have not chemically straightened my hair for well over a year now. Today after a minor session at the gym I figured I might as well wet the locks and see what the result would be – bush central or curl heaven. Not quite making it to heaving territory yet my hair as usual had a mind of its own. The good news is that it is far from bush central and with the right ingredients ‘things can only get better’!!!

After reading Problems of  Curly Girl (new and up and coming site – check it out!) I decided it was time dig out some products and get to work!


This set of products are just a few of the items I picked up at the Vitality ShowThe bottle to the far right is what I am using at the moment for every day purposes however in the next couple days I will be breaking open the rest. They all smell divine which is a little unusual for some hair products and the Cure Plus is very light on my hair – so far so good! 


Not really one to show my face on camera (on here anyway!) I thought I would share my curls at least! From what they were (not even a HOT mess just a MESS!) to now I am proud to say I am loving the soft texture from root to tip.


Excusing my chin! This to me looks like an advert for something reminiscent of Soul Glo from Coming to America – fear not though Ladies and Gentlemen my hair was just damp!!


Just to control the front and get it out of my eyes – tied back and dry. Actual feels so good that there is a song for it! Well three songs! Can you guess? If not well you will see them below:

And finally . . .

This song never fails to get me in a good mood and fits for how I feel about my hair right about now!


Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 12.55.27

Thanks to the lovelies at Green People I was lucky enough to get two press tickets to this lovely show. With list full of wonderful brands and even an appearance from what I can now say delightful Amy Childs myself and Catherine from Vintage Frills were ready and raring to go.

From fitness to fashion with food and wine this show was utterly packed to the rafters. The only issue was the bad lighting – a bad yellow hue shone above the stalls below. Not only did we have to use constant camera flashes but on inspection of products on various stalls extra lighting was needed to get a true reflection of tones.

With a variety of beautiful displays under the spotlight the choice was practically endless however a couple did shine brighter than the rest. Not only were the ones with fancy displays worth watching but others that were not so grand really made an impression.

Yellow lighting in earls court 2 vitality show

Now on some level this lighting can be seen as something beautiful which in a way it is however with the point that it destroyed my pictures the beauty is somewhat camouflaged.

Onto the stalls:

The Vintage Cosmetic Company SignSee the touch of yellow!

TVCC Vitality Stall

The wallpaper that was put up especially for this event is just delightful. Although the stall was on the smaller side the lovely ladies did not need much more room as it would have looked scarce.

TVCC Eyelashes

These bad girls look absolutely delightful – along with everything else from The Vintage Cosmetic Company the packaging is feminine, vintage and just beautiful. How can you go wrong with powder pink and cutesy.

TVCC Girls

Caroline and Clare are the two lovely ladies that were representing The Vintage Cosmetic Company on this specific day of the show and they were just delightful.

This is not all I have to say about the great show put on at Earls Court 2 so keep your eyes peeled.

Must dash 😀

As most of us are aware there are some very sick people in this world and things like this have happened in the past. Sadly yet another attack on human kind has ensued. One that has sadly taken the lives of three people (one of which a young child) and has left more than 140 people injured. Those who took part in the materialization of this terrible act of callousness should be found and destroyed. President Obama stated that “Any responsible individuals, any respon­sible groups will feel the full weight of justice.” (Boston Globe).

Martin Richard Victim of Bombing

This young boy was a victim in the attack. Just so sad.

Boston Marathon Attack Runner Injured
One of many injured in the attack.

Now all we have to do is come together and pray for Boston and all of those that were present. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and to those that were injured in the attack. Let us also not forget those who witnessed the event as it will be something that they will sadly never forget. Prayers are needed and that is what I shall be doing so please join me.

Pray For Boston

monday love!

Hello fellow bloggers and of course to lovely readers that have ventured into the blogosphere. Being unusually cheerful on this mediocre Monday morning/afternoon is mostly down to the fact that I have just finished 7 consecutive 13 hour shifts at work and feel slightly delirious. There is also the fact that I have not written a blog post in such a long time that I felt a slight feeling of withdrawal.

How about this for a powerful Monday song – quite emotional but such a great song 😀

On to the books . . .

The Lost are of keeping secrets by Eva Rice

This book is really starting to bug me as I cannot put my finger on why it is taking me so long to read it. Also why I like it but dislike it at the same time. At the moment I am seeing it as a bit of a pointless book but I am sure by the time I get to the end some kind of impression will be left. Well I hope so anyway!

The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes

This book graces me with its presence whilst I am either in bed or on the loo so it is a slow burner (pardon the pun!). It is becoming an enjoyable read if I am entirely honest. Light airy and full of irish charm as all of Keyes books are. I look forward to reading what happens next.


The excitement is brewing and this book is making it bubble over in the best possible way. Lengthy discussions are to be had with my lovely travel buddy and decisions are to be made. Oh yes!

LP Bali & Lombok

The new edition of the LP Bali & Lombok has arrived and I cannot wait to crack it open.

A massive thanks to the lovelies at Lonely Planet for sending me out these wonderful guides and a couple of great phrase books. I am looking forward to the other ones on their way and will be sharing what I hope to do with you all at a later date.

Ahhhhh – still not quite sinked in yet!

Anyway . . .

SKIN CARE (or lack of!)

Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash £17.00

I actually bought a full size tube of this wonderful stuff and despite my skin feeling tight and spotty at the end of each gruelling shift this beauty has me going to bed feeling soft and loved. Worth every penny and quite a bargain at only £17/150ml.

Other news . . .

This week I am hoping to get back into the real world, kick my caboose into touch and get back into the gym and if not so much there then at least on the road. There is no way I am going away heffalump style!  Bit of spin, gym and running never did me any harm but will ease back in hopefully – *already rolling my eyes at the thought*.