I am disgusted by the footage I have seen at the below link:


Two men carried out a vicious murder on an unknown man walking around the area of the military barracks in South East London today. As a London inhabitant I am disgusted at the audacity of the man exhibited in this video and at times like this think that in many ways the British should have a similar justice system to the US. Such brutal attacks like this only warrant such treatment as capital punishment. This man was seen to take another mans life out of nothing but malice no matter what he believes it was for in the public eye it was pure malice. Just because you disagree with a government and their acts or omissions does not give you the right to go and take an innocent mans life. The two men that in my eyes were rightfully shot down by police by portraying a threat to society are now taking up the valuable time and resources of the NHS which is under enough strain helping people who are really in need.

Someone’s relative or friend died today in this ridiculous attack and I really do hope that the killers are bought to justice. Even though this will never be enough for this poor persons family and friends.

Another note to add onto this post – if you believe that the people who carried out this heinous crime deserve treatment from the NHS, deserve to actually argue their case for KILLING someone then please carry on with those thoughts but they are not welcome on this blog.

RIP to the innocent victim whose life seems to have been taken to make a point.

Very sad day.


It's Monday What Are You Reading?

Let us welcome yet another Monday with a strong cup of coffee and some good books – I hope!

Currently Reading


At the moment I am quite unsure how this book will pan out. I would like to say that I am enjoying it however that would be by far an over statement. The book has yet to make me actually think about anything other than stopping to do something else. The review will hopefully be interesting as I am making notes as I read.

To Read

this-is-life1 - dan rhodes

I am looking forward to cracking this book open. It was sent to me a while back for review and I haven’t got around to it. I have a pile as high as my knee that I need to speed read through for reviews and this is at the top of that pile.


mr penumbra

I am sad to say that I finished this book last week. If I could find another book that has similar characteristics then I would be very happy. On a post Penumbra trip to Waterstones I asked a question that was hardly incongruous for my current location and the answer I was presented with was less than appealing. In the end I was directed to very handy website that I was surprised I had never seen CHECK IT OUT. Check out the literature map and type in your favourite author to be granted a wealth of other such lovely writers.

This week I am working on reviews from a while back that I have not yet managed to write even though I read the book. I will write a post on my diminished beauty regime and various other bits and bobs that have happened over the past week.


Sophie Kinsella Wedding Night

The back of the book says:

‘Lottie is tired of long-term boyfriends who don’t want to commit to marriage. When her old boyfriend Ben reappears and reminds her of their pact to get married if they were both still single at thirty, she jumps at the chance. There will be no dates and no engagement—just a straight wedding march to the altar!  Next comes the honeymoon on the Greek island where they first met. But not everyone is thrilled with Lottie and Ben’s rushed marriage, and family and friends are determined to intervene…’

My Thoughts:

Every intention I had for this review was directed at reviewing whilst reading however as per usual with Kinsella I was consumed by the writing and not a lot else was completed (apart from obligatory attendance at work!). This book travelled with me on trains, buses and even to places in my house that I am sure you would rather not know about. Kinsella for me is the holy grail of chick lit and very rarely disappoints. The only downside to this particular book would be that my personal interest was steered more towards the second character instead of the main.

There are many issues that are highlighted in this book that may be relevant to the average single female in her late twenties such as the wide world of singledom and the impending doom of dare I say it AGE. Being stuck in a relationship that many feelings are one-sided can really suck at times and this is another delicate issue that Kinsella ploughed through and at the same time touched on precious points with such elegant finesse. This book can be taken with a pinch of salt so to speak and as with other Kinsella books I laughed pretty much all the way through.  Most definitely a palette cleanser. Attempts of sabotage justified by sisterly love are also swayed by prejudgment of an unknown case due to previous personal experience of the instigator of such sabotage and the not so unexpected hook ups are just hilarious. Kinsella delivered this book with an ethereal style and it was much appreciated.

Many thanks to: Bantam Press (Part of Random House)

Buy it from: AmazonWaterstonesBook Depository

Pages: 400




worthy fix

Over the past couple of weeks many things have changed. Phones, contracts, contacts, feelings, friends and foes. From today things will be taking a drastic turn for the better. It has been noticed that I am great at waiting for other people, waiting for decisions to be made so I can fit around everyone else’s comfort zone, waiting for colleagues to help me without making more than subtle hints that help is needed. Just waiting. I am sick and tired of waiting and I think now is the time to start DOING.


How are you today?

Another Monday has crept up on us however this Monday is known to most as a beloved Bank Holiday or lets just say an extra day off work. Not for myself however! Back to work I go without complaint however (well only a little!) as I have had a lovely relaxing weekend off work which is rare. Hitting the gym a couple of times this week has definitely made me feel slightly better even though I should have gone yesterday with or without company! With the motivation set as ‘going to a hot country (and wearing as little clothes as respectable!) things really do need to start taking shape. Not being a fan of diets I am going for the everything in moderation way of life – this may prove difficult!

Less of this . . .

Lanson UK

More of this . . .

Evian 1Litre

I know, I know – it is no fun but hey! No pain, no gain! Not exactly that the reduction in such treats is painful (only slightly) but i’m sure it will help!



Currently Reading

Mr Penumbras 24 hour bookstore

There have been some not so great reviews for this book however I am in loving it so far. There is something about the mystery of the book and without that predictability the excitement grows. This book has me reminiscing about The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas. Review will be written once finished!


Sophie Kinsella Wedding Night

This book was received with this exact cover in a Hardback edition. When the sleeve was removed I found a white hardback book which I think really fit the whole wedding title. As always with Kinsella from start to finish I loved this book . Even though slightly predictable it was that good kind. Review will be up soon.

On The Back Burner . . .

The Lost are of keeping secrets by Eva Rice

This book is on my nightstand at the moment – I will be the first to admit that my reading of this book was flippant from the start and at best sporadic and not much has changed. I am sure that over the next couple of weeks I will dip in and out of this book however I cannot see me sticking with it over time. Hopefully I will get to the end. This is part of the book list on The Vintage Book Group’s reading list – check it out and if you like what you see join in.

the mystery of mercy close by marian keyes

This book has been relegated to the bathroom – on the toilet or in the bath and this book is what surfaces. Not that I spend that long on the toilet but it is a good refresher read. The end will come eventually!

To Read ASAP


Caught up in the hype I picked this up and cannot wait to read it.


Ashamedly I will admit I bought this partly because I wanted to read the book before I saw the film and that is still a strong possibility however the driving force behind the first book purchase made in a long while is the beauty of the cover. Now the digital images doesn’t quite get the beauty across so pop to the shops and see for yourself!

Moving on . . .


Curly Comeback

My curls are slowly making a comeback and the front of my hair is starting to actually curl which puts a big smile on my face. There is still a long way to go but progress has been made. My hair is softer than ever and conditioning regularly really does make a difference. All I need now is the confidence to rock out with my bushy head!

For now I will leave you with this tune! Hair related of course!