A comment from Lawrence Grodecki on my last post:

‘I’m not American. When my prime minister and his cabinet take office, they take an oath to protect the queen, her family and their assets. I live in Canada, but I don’t know what this oath means.

Over here there are limits to publicly expressed opinions. When they are exceeded is when the opinions become what is referred to as “hate literature”.

Over here domestic police are separate from the armed forces – you brought up that whole issue, not me. You’ve gone from a domestic act of violence committed by one or two men, and then you’ve spread that out into an “international problem”, if I may summarize your non-domestic comment in those two words. I suppose the next part will be your view on what the correct religion is, the one the foreigners refuse to accept?

I’ve tried to say goodbye in my last post, but it seems you prefer to keep this discussion going…it’s your blog!

As for your national situation, every story has two sides, or more, right?’

The above video was sent as a link to myself in a previous comment by Mr Grodecki.

Why thank you Mr Grodecki and thank you for posting the link to Glenda Jackson’s tirade on Margaret Thatcher. I do believe that if you re-educated yourself on Baroness Thatcher’s Manifesto from 1979 that you may have a different view. Just for the benefit of other readers I will highlight the five main objectives that Thatcher and her party were working towards.

(i) To restore the health of our economic and social life, by controlling inflation and striking a fair balance between the rights and duties of the trade union movement.

(2) To restore incentives so that hard work pays, success is rewarded and genuine new jobs are created in an expanding economy.

(3) To uphold Parliament and the rule of law.

(4) To support family life, by helping people to become home-owners, raising the standards of their children’s education, and concentrating welfare services on the effective support of the old, the sick, the disabled and those who are in real need.

(5) To strengthen Britain’s defences and work with our allies to protect our interests in an increasingly threatening world.

Taken from: Conservative General Election Manifesto 1979

Now by posting your link I am thinking two things – you either completely agree with Baroness Thatcher’s manifesto or you are in utter disgust as many were at the amount of time and money spent on this ladies Funeral. The first I find hard to believe going on your previous comments.

You state that when your prime minister took office he took an oath – now if I am mistaken please do correct me. Canada is part of the common wealth which ties in with the British government which is there as you rightly said to protect the queen, her family and assets (in essence as we say it here in the UK – to protect Queen and country). If you are unsure as to what that oath means then by all means further educate yourself as I am sure with a little research you would find out what exactly it is you would like to know. A small point here however before you carry on reading – your current Prime Minister Mr Stephen Harper is member of the same government as Thatcher no?

I cannot say that there are limits for public expression everywhere as I do not believe this to be true however in most developed countries there are boundaries as there are in the UK and as you have stated in Canada. You then went further to state that when such boundaries are crossed it is known as ‘hate literature’ I can only imagine that you meant to include ‘hate crimes’ etc?

Your next point has me wondering if you have ever been to the UK? It is clear even from a google search that the British Armed Forces and the Metropolitan Police are two separate entities that collaborate together on extreme occasions. We also have various other services in the UK but as you do not already know about the separation of the previous two I will not confuse you any further than I already seem to have done.

Now the point in which you say I have gone from a ‘domestic’ act of violence and spread it to an ‘international problem’ please do elaborate where exactly I did this and if necessary I will explain my meanings. But before you do that please re-read everything you have written on my post and highlight the exact place where I seem to have deviated from my disgust at this heinous crime and started to spread malicious word to an international level.

My belief with regards to religion is that these two people are individuals – regardless of what religion, colour or creed they are they acted on their own judgement and decided to take another mans life. Therefore their religion is in no way responsible as is nobody else’s. If you believe that there is a correct religion I think it is time yet again for some re-education on your part. Individuals are free to practice many religions in the UK and that has been embraced and fought over somewhat however my personal opinion as you can see from the prior statement is that whatever religion the individual chooses is completely up to them however it is the individual that should be held accountable for their acts of omissions in daily life.

As you ‘tried’ ever so hard to say goodbye in the last post I am sure you have something to say and I welcome it with open arms but please before you do so again on my blog actual think logically and factually before you type.


I am disgusted by the footage I have seen at the below link:


Two men carried out a vicious murder on an unknown man walking around the area of the military barracks in South East London today. As a London inhabitant I am disgusted at the audacity of the man exhibited in this video and at times like this think that in many ways the British should have a similar justice system to the US. Such brutal attacks like this only warrant such treatment as capital punishment. This man was seen to take another mans life out of nothing but malice no matter what he believes it was for in the public eye it was pure malice. Just because you disagree with a government and their acts or omissions does not give you the right to go and take an innocent mans life. The two men that in my eyes were rightfully shot down by police by portraying a threat to society are now taking up the valuable time and resources of the NHS which is under enough strain helping people who are really in need.

Someone’s relative or friend died today in this ridiculous attack and I really do hope that the killers are bought to justice. Even though this will never be enough for this poor persons family and friends.

Another note to add onto this post – if you believe that the people who carried out this heinous crime deserve treatment from the NHS, deserve to actually argue their case for KILLING someone then please carry on with those thoughts but they are not welcome on this blog.

RIP to the innocent victim whose life seems to have been taken to make a point.

Very sad day.


It's Monday What Are You Reading?

Let us welcome yet another Monday with a strong cup of coffee and some good books – I hope!

Currently Reading


At the moment I am quite unsure how this book will pan out. I would like to say that I am enjoying it however that would be by far an over statement. The book has yet to make me actually think about anything other than stopping to do something else. The review will hopefully be interesting as I am making notes as I read.

To Read

this-is-life1 - dan rhodes

I am looking forward to cracking this book open. It was sent to me a while back for review and I haven’t got around to it. I have a pile as high as my knee that I need to speed read through for reviews and this is at the top of that pile.


mr penumbra

I am sad to say that I finished this book last week. If I could find another book that has similar characteristics then I would be very happy. On a post Penumbra trip to Waterstones I asked a question that was hardly incongruous for my current location and the answer I was presented with was less than appealing. In the end I was directed to very handy website that I was surprised I had never seen CHECK IT OUT. Check out the literature map and type in your favourite author to be granted a wealth of other such lovely writers.

This week I am working on reviews from a while back that I have not yet managed to write even though I read the book. I will write a post on my diminished beauty regime and various other bits and bobs that have happened over the past week.


Sophie Kinsella Wedding Night

The back of the book says:

‘Lottie is tired of long-term boyfriends who don’t want to commit to marriage. When her old boyfriend Ben reappears and reminds her of their pact to get married if they were both still single at thirty, she jumps at the chance. There will be no dates and no engagement—just a straight wedding march to the altar!  Next comes the honeymoon on the Greek island where they first met. But not everyone is thrilled with Lottie and Ben’s rushed marriage, and family and friends are determined to intervene…’

My Thoughts:

Every intention I had for this review was directed at reviewing whilst reading however as per usual with Kinsella I was consumed by the writing and not a lot else was completed (apart from obligatory attendance at work!). This book travelled with me on trains, buses and even to places in my house that I am sure you would rather not know about. Kinsella for me is the holy grail of chick lit and very rarely disappoints. The only downside to this particular book would be that my personal interest was steered more towards the second character instead of the main.

There are many issues that are highlighted in this book that may be relevant to the average single female in her late twenties such as the wide world of singledom and the impending doom of dare I say it AGE. Being stuck in a relationship that many feelings are one-sided can really suck at times and this is another delicate issue that Kinsella ploughed through and at the same time touched on precious points with such elegant finesse. This book can be taken with a pinch of salt so to speak and as with other Kinsella books I laughed pretty much all the way through.  Most definitely a palette cleanser. Attempts of sabotage justified by sisterly love are also swayed by prejudgment of an unknown case due to previous personal experience of the instigator of such sabotage and the not so unexpected hook ups are just hilarious. Kinsella delivered this book with an ethereal style and it was much appreciated.

Many thanks to: Bantam Press (Part of Random House)

Buy it from: AmazonWaterstonesBook Depository

Pages: 400




worthy fix

Over the past couple of weeks many things have changed. Phones, contracts, contacts, feelings, friends and foes. From today things will be taking a drastic turn for the better. It has been noticed that I am great at waiting for other people, waiting for decisions to be made so I can fit around everyone else’s comfort zone, waiting for colleagues to help me without making more than subtle hints that help is needed. Just waiting. I am sick and tired of waiting and I think now is the time to start DOING.


How are you today?