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About Me

Blog A Book Etc is a blog about books, life and a little bit of everything else. My name is Fay and all content on the blog is written and edited by me. Professionally I am a Cardiothoracic Critical Care Nurse who loves her job as well as having an infectious love for reading and writing. Way back when blogging was a more of an online diary and hobby type thing I was knee deep in the midst of it all and loving it. As blogging has evolved over the past 10 years it has been a great experience to see how such things can change so vastly with just the click of a button and the play of a video. I love my place in the blogosphere and I look forward to continually growing my blog further each day.

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As blogging is not my full time commitment the best laid plans to schedule content can sometimes fall short of fruition – that being said I try my upmost to get posts out on time and am working to get to grips with a regular cycle of posts so you know when and what to expect from me. If you are not on the blog you can find me on Social Media on the following platforms




As mentioned above all posts on this blog are written and edited by myself, in the instance of a sponsored post all opinions will remain my own and will be an honest representation of this blog and the brand I am representing. Links within posts whether sponsored or not are likely to be affiliate links. This blog accepts sponsored posts, gifted items and is PR friendly.

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In my posts I try to use all of my own photographs but if I don’t then I will always link the source below the picture I have used.

My Equipment

Canon 1100D (with Standard 18-55mm lens)

Canon EF 50 F/1.8 STM Lens

Tamron 70-300mm lens (Canon)

Samsung NX3000 (with Standard 16-50mm lens)
This camera is no longer available to buy.

Samsung S8+

My preference at the moment is my phone as it is just so compact but if I want to record a video the NX3000 really is the best of the bunch as it captures a great close up and the selfie mode where the screen flips up ensures that I am not out of focus or shot completely. If I am concentrating on specific detail I use the 50mm lens as it really does let in the light where needed and create amazing bokeh. All of my lenses are very reasonably priced and I really would recommend as have used them for what seems like forever.

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Despite not being your typical girly girl I have a ridiculous love for all things pink (bright pink!) and of course twinkle lights. Chick flicks and chick lit are of course at the top of my list and let’s not forget about coffee, herbal tea (any kind of tea!) and of course all kinds of food – my favourite for a while has been marmite on toast with avocado (I can assure you this was long before the current ‘smashed avo’ hype!). Moving on from my little side comments in brackets – I love to take part in blogger chats when I have the time as it is great way to find new bloggy pals and share great content, let’s face it what would this wonderful community we all know and love as the blogosphere be without all of the lovely bloggers that made it in the first place.

With that in mind I love a good retweet, quote tweet, re-gram and all that business because if we don’t give credit to ourselves and others who else is going to do it for us. Despite my love for positivity I am human and do fancy a rant at times, as this is my space I may well post my rants so please do not get offended as it will never be a personal attack on any individual but more so a rant about something that is senselessly wrong without reason and should not have happened in the first place.

On that note I’ll leave you to reading and hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I do writing them.

Take Care.