COVID Nurse Diary | A Note to my colleagues

Every nurse/healthcare worker whether on the front line, at home resting, on annual leave, mat leave, any leave, with their family taking care of their own front line is pulling their hair out trying to get the message across to their friends, family, neighbours and general public to STAY AT HOME

I have colleagues on mat leave, coming back from leave early, giving up annual leave as well as those in isolation itching to get back to their work family to help do what they do best. Stop and know that we will be ok when you are ok, please don’t rush.

There have been messages of guilt because they cannot be on the front line at this time and my message to them is…

We got this far with your help before this virus took hold and we would not be the team we are without your input prior to you not being here. So please don’t feel guilty as you are still part of our team and always will be. You are doing the most important job you can do in your current situation which is protecting yourself and families. 

Now more than ever your nursing family needs you to hold your heads high and be proud of your profession and yourselves knowing that you are protecting us on the front line by spreading the word as well as protecting yourself.

We love you and look forward to seeing you on the other side or earlier but more than ever we are glad that you are safe so please keep spreading the message to STAY AT HOME to those who seem to think that this is not serious because whilst you do that we will do you proud by doing what we all know how to do best and fight TOGETHER