What Would You Do?

For the past 9 months I have been completely MIA over here and no it is not because I am pregnant again (could have had another in that time – am I right!?). The reason for the absence would be that no matter what I write hasn’t felt right, I just feel like it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I have written post after post and yet nothing has reached past the stage of draft.

Why can’t I hit that publish button?

The majority of the time instead of watching crap TV I like to catch up with what is going on in the world of You Tube. Whilst I was catching up on a couple of The Michalak’s recent creations it hit me like a train – well what Stef said hit the nail on the head.

Not the bit where he talks about trolls on the internet (he kept it short, sweet and fair!) but the part where he talks about not uploading for a couple of weeks due to writing himself into a ditch – obviously if you haven’t seen it then watch it! I do have an opinion on the whole Clemmie clap-trap but I don’t care enough to share it.

There are days where I feel a real pang for the old days of blogging, where you could put any old shit out there. The fact that it was more of an online diary than anything else instantly made ‘that post’ (pile of rambling shit) acceptable fodder for the world to see (who am I kidding a long lost friend or dedicated relative!!!). 

I digress, back to Stef’s point. I have spent days writing but despite all the effort there was nothing quite good enough or that I felt was the right fit for what I wanted to hit publish. Over the past couple of weeks I have been delving a little deeper into my blog and what I really want for and from it. 

For instance, do I want to speak with a passive or active voice – this post in particular is a whole heap of passive. Do I want to continue to review books, delve into wide world of skincare, beauty and of course LIFESTYLE. This is where I sit back, pull the blanket up, sip my coffee and think – what fucking lifestyle! Who the hell would be interested in ME and what I do on a daily basis. 

With that being said if every creator/influencer/blogger/vlogger/person (?) thought this way – well, there would be no vlogs, You Tube channels with addictive content or anything of the like. So, I need to basically shut the fuck up and just get on with it. If I want to write something then write it, love it, share it right?! 

What am I going to write about – who the fuck knows! But, what I do know is it is COMING SOON!

I’d love to say like the next big blockbuster (Do they call them that anymore? What happened to that store – 80/90’s baby here!) but who am I kidding. I digress (AGAIN), it will be readable, SEO friendly, relevant, honest! Okay, well at least it will be honest!

Well, I do hope you stick around to find out! I will try to post something of relevance on insta so you know you what is happening. Click HERE for my Insta so you can follow and keep up with my exciting life obviously!

Finally I will put it out there into the ether – Returning to blogging after 9 months is hard. Feelings of not being good enough, struggling to get to that point of completion?

What would you do?!