One of THOSE Days

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Today is definitely feeling like ‘one of THOSE days!’ – you know the sort of days where it seems that absolutely nothing can go write but it really isn’t that bad in the long run?!

Today (Monday) from the start was an absolute disaster story and it actually quite surprised me as usually I’m not usually an ‘I HATE MONDAY’ kinda girl, much more of a ‘get on and grind!”. Today however beat me, it really did. From the moment I woke up it was doomed I tell you – my phone is FUCKED and I mean completely unusable. From what I had been told the Samsung S8+ was shatterproof. Well, to save your hearts from breaking if you have one and in the hope that you will get an even stronger case than the one I chose from Spigen (I absolutely LOVE their phone accessories) – it is most definitely NOT. The sick joke of the situation is it feel from about 10cm away from the floor which is NOT a great height guys! Really isn’t all about size is it. Like I said up top – ‘one of THOSE days!’.

So, as you can see with my day slightly in tatters I had to get up and just get on. Thankfully NatWest Bank Advantage Gold Insurance covers my phone and hopefully by tomorrow or the day after (today or Wednesday!) I will have a brand spankin’ new handset (THANK YOU NATWEST – You have made me one very happy girl!).

Monslay, Monday, Weekday, Monday Motivation, Morning Motivation, Fay SimoneThe above caption/pic is not mine – it was found on Google!

After the main catastrophe of the day I headed to the gym with Catherine and we did a little buddy workout before I had to rush off to work for a couple of hours after my post shower melt down of not packing any clean underwear (yep that happened and thank christ I only had to be at work for a couple hours literally *rolling my eyes HARD*). Finally after a few more little manic episodes (which were at work so we won’t be talking about those!) I was able to grab a coffee and some food and head over to Catherine’s house for a quick catch up, cup of tea (her selection is INSANE!) before heading home to chill.

It may sound like it has been a chill day but I haven’t felt this manic in a long time and actually ended up with either a spot or cold sore on my bottom lip (my skin doesn’t seem to be able to make up it’s mind which one it wants on there!) which is bloody painful. So, as things were uber shit I decided that it was time for a mega self care session. Which I will detail in my next post as this particular rant has gone on LONG ENOUGH don’t you think!

Have a great Tuesday – hopefully it is not ‘One of THOSE days!’

I would LOVE to hear your #TuesdayThoughts