Lovers & Friends

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There will always be room for Lovers & Friends

On a daily basis how many people do you come into contact with? Whether it be face to face or online? I’m guessing that on average if we all really put ourselves out there we could reach a significantly large group of people. In that group of people how many would you consider friends? If that is too much to think about then at least contemplate out of the forever growing number of contacts how many could you call an acquaintance?

There is a significant difference between a friend and an acquaintance and I believe that even within that downsized circle there is an even larger divide between a friend and a best friend. When I say best friend I am not talking in the typically high school kind of way where you are best friends this week and next arch enemies. The type of ‘bestie’ that I am talking about is the one who has been there for you from way back when to a point that both of you and only the two of you can name the day. Do you have one person that despite all of the petty childhood arguments and teen angst that you can truly call a friend? A sister?

My late father once told me something that a very wise friend of his told him ‘You can count your true friends on one hand but your family don’t need counting as they are in your heart forever’. During the immediate period after losing my dear daddy it was crystal clear who my real friends and family are. Those that have been by my side know who they are and it was in my time of immediate need. In a time where my world crumbled into the smallest pieces each one of them were there putting me back together again. Please don’t be mistaken that I am fully recovered as that really is a long way off but with their help I will get there and the same is reciprocated to them.

I digress. . .

My blood sister is non-existent as I am an only child but the sister in my heart is Catherine from Vintage Frills.

Over the years we have had some rough times both individually and together but we are still unbreakable and every day I thank god that she is in my life. Between the two of us we have seen off many adversaries (the men in our lives and those female ‘friends’!) but our tough exterior doesn’t falter. We have moaned about each other TO each other but life never seems to get in the way if one needs the other. Luckily between the two of us we have two blokes who seem to have just accepted that we will be there no matter what – thankfully! I am lucky enough to have two beautiful strong willed god children and look forward to making life even better in the future. She has been my rock when I most need her and I love her for that and much more.

Life goes on and so does our friendship.

Who is your rock, bestie, sister? I’d love to know.