Love Yourself

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It’s time to Love Yourself

There are times when you just need a little bit of that rare ‘me time’ and what you do with it is entirely your choice. From a quiet coffee in the garden admiring the frost to slapping on your favourite face mask and just pottering about doing not much at all. Lately I have been trying to promote self love in my life as many of you may know from reading past posts, chatting with me on twitter or just because things haven’t been that great.

Yesterday was one of the first days since all the shit hit the fan that I can actually say I have actually relaxed. Whilst taking care of everyone else I also for the first time in a long time took care of me from top to almost bottom and I say that with good reason. As it is Valentine’s Day next week I think it is only right that we all start to love ourselves a little bit more before we start spreading the love about for others out there. It’s only right that I practice what I preach so check out some of my favourite products that I used whilst in pamper mode.

Love Yourself, Dear Valentine, Valentine's Day, Valentine, Romance, Love, Self Care, Self Love, Love Yourself, Origins, Skin Care, skincare, beauty, face masks, face mask, mask, multi masking, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Multi Masking

Everyone has their favourites right?! Well, a couple of face masks that keep making a reappearance in my life are Drink Up and Out of Trouble by Origins. As I was feeling the need for a little extra pampering I decided to put the two together and attempt at getting rid of a few pesky oily bits that have been troubling me over the last couple of weeks. I felt invigorated, moisturised and quite frankly just so fresh.

Each mask has a different texture and Drink Up in particular smells absolutely divine. Out of Trouble is a lot thicker and more chalk like so when I layered it over the top and the paste like consistency stuck together with the Drink Up mask very nicely. Each mask is a 10 minute quick fix so I left it on a little bit longer as I messed with the regular running of things as per instructions on the tube and all that jazz! To get Out of Trouble off I have always used a muslin cloth as it seems to take longer to get out of a regular flannel, there is also the added benefit of that scrubbing feeling you get with a hot muslin. If you want that bit of extra grit adding an exfoliator into the mix is always a plus for me – you know that extra clean feel.

Tone & Moisturise

After an intense cleanse and scrub the tone and moisture portion of the afternoon began. The toner that I use on a daily basis is the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is not only gentle but really gets rid of grime that sticks around after a long day at work or may just creep up on you overnight whilst getting your beauty sleep. Whilst this amazing tonic works its magic it is time to make a cuppa and let it sink in. By the time the kettle has boiled is round about the perfect time to get cracking on preserving those peepers and giving your eyes a little pep in their peep with the Liz Earle Superskin Eye Cream, a little advice that I received recently was to only apply eye cream to the bone under and above the eye rather than on the skin on the eye itself, the reasoning behind this is that the skin on your eye is extremely sensitive and can get very irritated by the smallest interruption to its status quo.

Finally for this portion of self love for an overall moisture hit to the entire face I use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser, I have to admit that sometimes when I am rushing to get ready for work and don’t have the time to tone and sort my eyes out this is the one thing that keeps my face soft and supple right through a tough day at work – 14 hours peeps. It sinks in but remains as a buffer on top of the skin for that smooth, supple feel.

Love Your Lips

If you are not already a fan of lip scrubs then seriously you do not know what you are missing. Just think, all of that amazing body scrub that you get through, face exfoliators and other such products. Have you ever thought about those luscious lips of yours? After all I’m sure when we all have a serious think about it our mouths are used a lot more than many other parts of our bodies, as well as that along with your face they are one of the first things to brave the elements. As I work in an area where there is literally NO fresh air due to windows not opening for infection control purposes my lips end up incredibly dry at the end of a shift and by the end of the week start to resemble something close to crocodile skin (nice right!).

My remedy for your lips that are dry as fuck are to keep them moisturised during the week and once or twice a week if things are really that bad scrub your pouters to within an inch of their life and when you wash off the scrub you will be back to a supple sally once again. No one wants to kiss lizard lips, well I know I don’t and neither does my other half – if that is your thing then no offence! The scrubs that I use are the Lush Lip Scrubs and they come in a variety of ‘flavours’ which all smell absolutely divine, the choice is most definitely yours so make the most of it and if you can’t decide get them all.

Sugar Plum Fairy and Santa Baby are my favourite Christmas scrubs and if I can I will make them last for most of this year or at least the first quarter! Sugar Plum Fairy is like scrubbing your lips with the comforter bubble bar which is surprising as the ingredients list for this scrub doesn’t include blackcurrant or cassis – it boggles the mind but does not bother me that much as I’m still loving it. Santa Baby is another firm festive favourite of mine but not because of the name or the colour but for the cola flavour, I mean who doesn’t love a bit of cola.

My firm favourite is Mint Julips and thankfully it is one that sticks around all year instead of the special editions that are just as delectable, my main reason for favouritism towards this particular scrub is because of the fresh feeling that your lips get after you scrub, it’s like smelling olbas oil when you have a really bad cold. All of Lush lip scrubs are completely edible, not that I spend my time eating those sugary little bits but it’s nice to know – isn’t it?!

When you have finished with all of that do not forget to apply a nice thick layer of lip balm. A personal favourite that seems to have made its way into my handbag, work bag and bedside is the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm and the smell – oh my life peeps – it smells like LEMONS!!!


After all of the above are done and I am ready to go and just get on with life I love to have a good spritz of my favourite fragrance. Now I’m sure I’m not the only one that has quite a few favourites so I like to keep them out and to hand so I can spritz at my leisure, but that is another post! At the moment I am very much in the mood for Spring despite the forever changing weather forecast I’m there ready and waiting fragrance in hand.

For years I have coveted many a Jo Malone fragrance and last year things went a bit nuts on the spending front and I found myself with a couple, my favourite however for this time of year is the Earl Grey & Cucumber there is something sultry yet fresh about it and it just makes me feel very alive. I’d love to know what your favourite fragrance for this time of the year is.

Well that is me well and truly done for today and I have to praise you if you got to the end of this post without switching off several times. I do have a question for you and that is . . .

How do you show yourself the love you so deserve?