I’ll Tell You What I Want

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What I really, really want! Over the next year I am going to be concentrating on what I want instead of what is expected of me as a blogger. Although there are no rules set in stone for bloggers there are a lot of expectations that blog posts should follow a certain format, certain subjects that are politically correct and even certain images that go with certain topics. This year I want to blog a bit further out of the box than usual, maybe even have posts that are just full of photographs that I love, add more music that I enjoy listening to. Writing posts about things that I want to write, that I enjoy writing about and posts about things that I have enjoyed doing in my spare time. Of course I would love to have more sponsored posts but that is something that may or may not happen.


– Write posts that I enjoy writing

– Use photos to trigger blog posts rather than taking photos for posts

– Organise myself and have an actual schedule

– Let more of myself into my blog instead of being constantly politically correct


– Spend more time with family and friends when off work

– Indulge in more me time

– Complete to do lists

– Save money without dipping into savings for frivolous purchases

It’s not the biggest of lists but it is most definitely one that is achievable with things on it that I will hopefully be able to incorporate into daily life without any extra effort needed. Being effortless this year will hopefully make life a lot less stressful and much more enjoyable. Not worrying about the little things in life that really are unimportant and actually getting my shit together will be a big plus for me. Hopefully with all of the above in mind 2017 will be an accommodating year!

Do you have a list to get through the year?
What’s on it?