BLOGMAS DAY 4 | AIDA Shoreditch

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There is nothing better than cosying up in a coffee shop and watching the cold go by whilst you are nestled in the quiet drinking a blinding cup of {enter your favourite hot drink here!}. I have found the perfect place and way to spend my first day of BlogMas and even though I am not there today I really should be and will be back very soon.

AIDA Shoreditch really is a unique little cubby hole (quite a big one!) located on the vibrant Shoreditch High Street in East London. With hipsters at ten a penny the vibe along the street was positively thriving with creativeness. The atmosphere in AIDA was nothing short of amazing – seriously guys and gals for a place that is split between a shop and coffee place it really was one of the most chilled out places that I have been in a long time. Whilst in there despite feeling so laid back I also felt really productive. By the time we left I did feel like I needed a nap just to get over the chilled experience I just had – but really it was just so nice. You know when you want to describe something and you cannot possibly find the words well that is how I am feeling at the moment towards AIDA! It was just so nice!

BlogMas Day 4, AIDA Shoreditch Juicing, BLOGMAS, AIDA Shoreditch, AIDA, Shoreditch, London, East London, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Moving onto the beverage list – even though it was a short and concise list what I chose was unbelievably tasty. I opted for a Matcha latte followed by a cleanse juice. Both drinks were positively divine and I look forward to going back to experience even more of the menu very soon. With Matcha I am no connoisseur but I do love the stuff and this was quite possibly the best Matcha latte that I have had in some time. The taste, the temperature and even the colour – the fact that I got to the end of the cup with little residue was also a bonus as it can just collect there waiting to give you a nasty surprise!

Whilst I was there I checked out a coat that was on sale and despite being quite pricey it actually was great value for money and ridiculously soft. If I had the money there and then I would have taken it home with me but sadly as it is now the run up to Christmas things are a bit tighter than usual – i’m sure you can relate. AIDA is definitely a place that I would recommend to others and will most definitely be going back myself VERY SOON!

Have you been to AIDA Shoreditch?