End of Summer HEATWAVE

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It’s an end of summer HEATWAVE!

That’s right peeps it was hot, hot, HOT yesterday and Mr Sun seems hellbent on sharing the love today with the possibility of sticking around for the rest of the week. Not only is it quite unusual for the temp to be this high so far into September but i’m sure as most of you were not expecting it and were probably prepared to get the comfy socks and hot choc and marshmallows out – I know I was! So, in the effort to prepare myself and you lovelies better I have put together a few tips that will keep you chilled to the max and of course safe in the sun.

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Keep Hydrated

Rather than getting hot and bothered keep your body well hydrated with plenty of water and try to stay away from salty food as this can lead to further dehydration. Your body is made up of 2/3 water and when you sweat it is quite amazing how quickly you can become dehydrated. It is important that you keep your body hydrated as dehydration can lead to headaches and tiredness. Of course if you love to juice and make tasty smoothies this is a good time to get making because all of those beautiful fruits and veg add vitamins into the mix. Go on guys get juicing!

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Use A Fan

It’s nice to be cool right! And I did say I would keep you chillin’ right?! Well grab your mini fan and let’s go! You can grab such portable fans for a mere £1 from your local pound shop and they are just as good as those that are sold for £5 or more. You can also grab a misting fan which is basically a hand held fan attached to a bottle of water. The misting fans are probably better for you as they keep your skin cool and wet rather than drying you out. Remember how important hydration is right?!

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Wear A Hat

A wide brimmed hat goes a long way especially when the sun is beating down on your forehead and you just cannot comprehend where that headache is coming from. Not only does it stop you from getting a burnt bonce but it will hinder the sun scorching your eyes too. Sun burn on any part of your body is painful enough let alone on your peepers. Plus these hats look cool!

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Sun Lotion

Lotion up peeps! Just think it’s 4pm and you are thanking every deity around the globe that the sun is finally going down, before you let go of that glorious thought please remember that UV rays stick around even if the sun is beaming. From a personal perspective I can testify that even on the most dreary of days UV rays are out in force as my lovely reaction lens show me just that. Whilst at work I have been out on many a break just to get a breeze and come back into the building looking like I have sunglasses. Madness I think not, if you are picky with your brands just remember to SPF up guys and stay safe and not burnt – at least SPF15.

No Make Up Kinda Day, No Make Up, Beauty, Skincare, Sun, Heatwave, Blog A Book Etc, FayGo Make Up Free

Those days when you are off work and at home with your hair piled high and PJ’s on are great why?! Well factor in something else – NO MAKE UP! Your face feels free and so do you. Instead of piling on the concealer and all of those other pore clogging products give your skin another day off. If you absolutely MUST put some make up on your face then keep it simple with bits like mascara and lip care. Your skin will not only feel amazing at the end of the day but it will take less effort to get rid of the make up.

White Rabbit Im Late with Clock, Peak Time, Timing, Heatwave, Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit, White Rabbit, Blog A Book Etc, FayAvoid the sun at peak times

From the hours of 10am until 4pm the sun really does have its hat on and it is on show for all to see. With UV rays peaking between these times it is advised that you either stay indoors or cover up as much as possible. If you must go outside then either stay in the shade of wear appropriate clothing and accessories. As well as clothing you should make sure that you get that sun lotion on if you are wearing shorts and a vest!

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If you have dogs or animals then please make every effort to help them keep cool too, as they cannot help themselves share the love with some ice cold water and plenty of cold towels. Also make an effort to either take them out early in the morning or later in the evening and where there is plenty of shade. If you wanna be even more of a love bug then grab a water bottle for them on the go – I know my Big H used to love his and Little H still does. It can get pretty hairy out in the sun for our four legged friends and now is the time for us to show them just how much they mean to us.

Stay Safe.