The Week Ahead

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So, Monday is out of the way and the week ahead beckons with what I can only imagine is good things. With Instagram in my hand and plenty of things to do this week I am sure it will be a fun week of documenting my happenings and findings along the way. Aside from going to work there are a couple of events coming up and I have to say that I am quite excited to be attending, not only because they will be fabulous but I also get a day or two out with the bestie Catherine. These days don’t happen all that often as both of us are ridiculously busy most of the time.

The past couple of weeks seem to have passed by in a bit of a blur with work blocking out most of my calendar and sleep catching up on me. The Week Ahead, Last Week, Champagne, Strawberry Beer, Vogue, Blogosphere, Pak Choi
Today however will be a big celebration in our household as not only is it my dad’s 60th birthday but my mum and dad’s wedding anniversary.

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