Sunday Playlist

Sunday Playlist, Sunday, Playlist, Music, Blog A Book Etc, Fay What’s on your Sunday Playlist?

How do you like to spend your Sundays? After finishing a few night shifts I like to chill with A and either listen to music or watch movies. There is nothing better than a good Sunday playlist. So today I have chosen to listen to the following tunes after watching some of the most recent Game of Thrones episodes.

Spotify really is great for finding new songs and Capsize is one that I really have enjoyed listening to over the past month or so. It is great to be able to come across new songs through so many of the mixed playlists available on Spotify and people can most definitely get creative. Have you heard it? If not – give it a listen and I’m sure you will be just as hooked as I am.

Who doesn’t love a bit of Lionel on a Sunday, Monday or whatever day of the week. A legend is but one description for this creative being and his voice just sends you over the edge of relaxation even when he is getting you ready for a night on the town with your girls and more than enough cocktails to impair your memory for the night! Do you have a favourite Lionel track? I don’t think I can choose right about now!

This young crooner really melts my heart with his voice and his lyrics and Budapest was one catchy tune. Despite this particular song being around for a little while now it still has me singing along in the car wherever I go and when the sun is shining the volume just goes up and up. This guys aced it with this and many other catchy tunes.

 I’d love to know on this breezy Sunday evening, what do you have on your playlist?