Motivational Monday, Stay Motivated, Motivation, Monday, Blog A Book Etc, FayWhat is your #MondayMotivation?

It’s Monday guys and boy do I feel motivated right about now! With a little get up and go I have managed to get a gym session done, gulp down a couple of coffees, update my city (Sim City!!) and put together a wishlist or two. Yesterday I popped into TK Maxx and picked up a few bargains which I will be revealing in a little haul post over the next couple of days. Some of the bits however got me thinking about positivity and some of the quotes that push me forward when I see them. So going with the theme of #MondayMotivation I found a few quotes that made me feel even better this morning.

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When you are looking for perfection it rarely comes but if you strive for progress then you will steadily get there and remember the journey. Sometimes things are worth doing via the slow and steady route to enable the foundations to set in a solid manner. What do you think?

Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life, Positivity, Motivation, Monday Motivation, MondayDespite it being late on a Monday doesn’t mean that the motivation of the day should have vanished so keep that pep in your step and STAY POSITIVE.

Motivational Monday, Monday, Motivation, Exercise, Health, Ass

Today was the day that I finally felt like I was back on my game and officially entered BEAST MODE. I am working towards a goal of overall fitness and leanness but also in the hope that I will get my rack and pack back for my holiday at the end of the year. Do I want a Kim K ass? Not quite but what an ass she has!

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