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The EU Referendum is THE hot topic on everyone’s lips and fingertips at the moment. From Facebook to face to face people are stripping each other down for being on one side or the other. Questions are being asked left, right and centre and accusations and malicious comments are being thrown further than your average cow pat at a country fair. With the stock market in apparent tatters and our country going to the proverbial dogs why are we fighting amongst ourselves and not coming together as what was once the ‘United’ Kingdom and ‘Great’ Britain. Over on my Facebook and Twitter I have really tried to keep schtum about all this political uproar but I really wanted to just get it out there about how ‘I’ am feeling. So…

 #EURef Did I vote?


How did I vote?

That is no one else’s business but mine!

Do I want to know how you voted?

No, I most certainly do not. People that voted out had their reasons, good luck to them. People that voted in had their reasons, good luck to them.

As it stands now the country as a whole is in turmoil but such bad feelings are being made worse by people’s unhappiness with the overall majority vote within our democracy. This is where we all need to stop, look and just hang on a minute before we start pulling at each others vocal chords and snapping heart strings.

Am I sad right now?

Incredibly. I was born in the UK, schooled in the UK and since the age of 13 worked my ass off in the UK. I have travelled to many countries in and out of Europe and met many people from all walks of life. I am sad that because this vote didn’t go the way of some that there are many in that group that take it upon themselves to tell others how they should think and feel. Now, to be clear there are many people on each side that are throwing their two pence worth in both #BREMAIN & #BREXIT supporters. Some of the posts that I have seen are truly offensive and to some may make them feel ashamed about how they voted either way – this is fundamentally wrong as in a democracy each individual has the right to vote for their choice and not have to justify it to anyone else. This is what makes me sad.

The Future . . .

Unfortunately I cannot predict the future otherwise right about now I would be rich! Working the many hours that I do will continue, loving my job will continue and life will go on. I’m not really sure what else to think right about now. But, with the rest of you I really do want to find out. As far as people like Farage go – if you believed that he was being honest by saying that a big chunk of money was going to be pumped into the NHS then in or out I have to ask REALLY?! Other than that – we shall see . . .

A Few Words

Instead of insulting, accusing and barating people just stop for a moment before you click send on a vicious post – no matter how mad you are about the subject just don’t send it. There is enough hatred in this world without another country imploding on itself due to the sheer ridiculousness of the politics allowed to continue in it.

Stop, Listen and Feel.

Spread the love people!

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