June People

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It’s June people! Over the past month I have been less than visible on the blog and I have kind of disappointed myself. After posting about getting my blogging mojo back I thought I was in the right place to get things up and running again. However, it clearly was not the right time. I have been floating around on Twitter and Instagram and keeping myself to myself on Facebook both personal and for the blog. I figured that the start of a new month would be the perfect fresh start to getting things back up and running so with a little homage to my past month in the Intsta world I’M BACK! From T2 to Trampolining I have quite a few posts to write for the blog so hold on tight peeps because things may get a little rocky on the way.

It’s June people – here’s to new beginnings (again!)

If there are any Twitter Chats that you would recommend then please do leave them in the comments and any other suggestions about keeping myself on track this time would be much appreciated. The diary is packed and my brain is buzzing so I think it is time for some Matcha and typing! But first here are a couple more pictures from my Insta!

T2, Tea, Iced Tea, Strawberries & Cream, June People, Blog A Book Etc, FayI’ve been busying experimenting with lots of different tea flavours and this is by far my favourite Iced Tea blend so far.

Tea, T2, Chilli Berry Boom, Raspberry Licky Legs, T2 Teamaker, June People, Blog A Book Etc, FayIt’s not just the Iced Teas that have been tickling my tastebuds but for the teas that is all for now as there will be posts on my favourite blends!

June People, RHS Wisley, Wisley Gardens, Wisley, Surrey, Gardening, Garden Centre, Blog A Book Etc, FayOn one of the few trips that I made to RHS Wisley garden centre this one was graced with particularly wonderful weather and I couldn’t help but to stop and look up!

June People, Kikki K, Stationery, Note Cards, Conversation Starters, Project Convo, Blog A Book Etc, FayOn a girly day out Catherine & Myself came across a delightful stationery shop by the name of Kikki K and originally Catherine’s idea I have jumped on the bandwagon with these delightful conversation starter cards and will be bringing you a whole host of posts surronding them! Keep those peepers open wide!

June People, Home Inspo, Decor, Home, Anthropologie, Blog A Book Etc, FayLast but by no means least check out this gorgeous shelving! A little bit of home inspo goes a long way right?! Can you imagine, high ceilings and these bad boys!

What have you been snapping lately? I would love to see . . .