3 Ways to Get Your Blogging Mojo Back

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Blogging Mojo

It has been weeks since I have actually wanted to sit down and write something for my blog. I don’t know if you care and at some stage I wasn’t actually sure that I cared anymore. This week however I seem to have got my blogging mojo back. My goal for this blog was never to achieve amazing things but to share my thoughts and feeling about the books I read, the things I love and am incredibly grateful for. Life itself is a blessing and without sounding 110% cheesy I am incredibly grateful to be present and correct in the current moment.

You the typical ‘is it a bird, is it a plane’ moment, that is something that I have thought about with my blog over the past couple of months. Is it a fashion blog (No!), is it a book blog (not anymore), can I morph it into a lifestyle blog (I will try my damned hardest to!). The one other thing that I am incredibly passionate about is health promotion so I will try my level best to write some fun and informative posts about topics surrounding health and health care.

Now, that being said I am not by a long shot the most interesting person on this earth. But I love to take pictures and if my recent posts are anything to go by (not blowing my own trumpet) I think having a visual blog really is the way forward. Even after a nice lengthy catch up with Catherine (after the longest time!) she told me that sometimes it is the pictures on a post that draw you in. Hopefully I can find a way to link health and photography – i’m sure i’ll have a lot of fun trying!!

So, to the future of this blog I do hope to bring you something a little more interesting other than pictures of steaming coffee and books. I cannot promise anything wild and wonderful as I do work full time shift work so things can get a bit topsy turvy up in here (yep I just said that!). There are plenty of blogs out there that have thousands of readers but I am not one of them. If you are reading this post and have anything in your head that you would like to read about on here then please do reach out and let me know.

Obviously this world has a lot of different strokes for different folks and there are many things that can be used as a trigger for one and not another. I have found a few things that have really helped me get my blogging mojo back.


3 Little Things

Pinterest sessions – spending time on Pinterest recently has fuelled my wanderlust for travel, pushed me forward with regards to relocation plans and helped me find a whole host of new blogs to read and pour over in my time of not writing for myself. It has been a real help.

Photographs for no reason – For the longest time I have taken photographs with the sole purpose of using them on the blog, for instagram or to promote something that I am trying to do. It is hard when you love to take photos just because. So I took a step back and did just that. Heaven!

Twitter Chats – The last twitter chat that I took part of wasn’t really a proper chat session as it was part of the Readathon that I was cohosting. There are so many twitter chats about, honestly when I say this just check out the list.

Just remember just because you don’t have a zillion followers/readers does not mean that your blog is pointless.