5 Top Tips on Getting Organised



Between work, studying and blogging I have very little me time at the moment. To keep on top of everything I use an online calendar and an actual diary. My diary is a Personal sized Filofax as it fits an entire days worth of scheduling quite comfortably for the three main topics of most of my days. With a bit of washi tape it really does look delightful. For work my rota is done online so I can access it wherever I can get reception so when the next rota comes out I transfer it to my hard copy.


Sometimes making a list is the best way to get all of those little nitty gritty ideas down on paper and somewhere that wont be forgotten (and hopefully not lost!). I am a big list maker and sometimes I have to admit I have made a list from another list but overall things do get done. This is also the perfect opportunity to roll out the pretty stationery that you don’t like to admit you keep buying and keep a stash of somewhere that cannot be seen. A nice new pen and notebook are the best for fresh ideas!


Once you have all of your ideas down in front of you then you can start to put things in order. I like to put the big tasks at the top of the list so I can crash through and take things a little slower at the end of the day. If you prioritize you are less likely to jump from task to task at a whim and just get on with it. Being a little OCD when writing my list I tend to write it the first time on a scrap piece of paper then sort out an order of importance or size.


Sometimes it is a good idea to group together different tasks as they can fit together quite nicely, not only does it save time but ideas when brought together can blossom into something completely different that you may never have thought of otherwise. If I am writing a list for blogging there may be certain pictures that I can take that can be used across a few posts instead of just one set. Editing photos for one post can be grouped together to edit a whole bunch which may seem laborious but when it is done its done!


After finishing a few tasks I like to take a break and make myself a nice frothy coffee. If I start to feel a bit lethargic I like to introduce some chocolate into the equation with a light hand rub and even putting on a brightening face mask. When I put on one of those that dries hard it keeps me awake as my face gets incredibly tight! Pampering and tasty treats are always a plus to working at home for a bit as your access is unlimited.

Coffee Treats


  1. ahscribbles March 9, 2016 / 9:48 AM

    I agree with this line; “This is also the perfect opportunity to roll out the pretty stationery that you don’t like to admit you keep buying and keep a stash of somewhere that cannot be seen.” I have so many pretty stationary that I don’t feel like using because it’s too pretty! I end up using the uglier notebooks for my journals. I think you can add journaling to the list as it allows for brain dumping and can be used prior to the listing. I love journaling and have blogged about it in three different posts;

    • Fay C March 20, 2016 / 6:57 PM

      Sorry for the late reply. I totally agree with your thought about journal writing as it really is a great way to just get everything down on paper. I will definitely be heading over to your links :). What do you think about the rewards?!

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