5 Little Things

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Sometimes it is a really good idea to just stop, shut up and think seriously about those little things in life that really do make you smile. Firstly if I was in the mood to shut up I wouldn’t be writing this post, today however I am in a very thoughtful mood. There are some days when things just go swimmingly well, over the past couple of weeks work wise things have felt pretty crappy. You may know that I am also studying at the same as working full time, despite my study being completely work related that doesn’t mean it is an easy feat. With each study session more information is crammed in (some of which is stored!) and my thought process gets just little bit more congested.

In a good light I have seen my practice improve and my inner reasoning change substantially since the beginning, by this I mean that I am thinking more in advance about how each intervention could propose a different outcome. Not that I didn’t before but there are things that I know I can now do that I didn’t know how to before. Bringing that all together however and talking about it whilst being questioned is a different thing entirely. I have never been one to deal with being put on the spot and I don’t think I ever will be, I don’t think I am particularly good at teaching but do hope I will improve. Mind boggling for me at the moment.

With all of that in mind I move on to those little things that really do make my day just that bit better when it was about to turn shitty whether that be at work or home.

Sweet Texts

Whether I am at work or on a day off getting a text from the Mr or one of my besties really does brighten my day. Despite all of us having phones sometimes texts are rarely sent as we all usually just phone each other. There is one exception to this where myself and one of my closest friends either text or Whatsapp cute messages and silly pictures to each other pretty much daily – this may sound stupid but it really is just the cutest thing and makes me happy. The other person that makes me happy by sending me impromptu messages is my cute as a button mother, she has been by my side through some of the shittiest moments so far and I really don’t know what I would do without her. The messages that I get from her are usually incredibly random and of odd topics in context of the current day but nevertheless they put a big grin on my face.

 Working with friends

There is one colleague in particular that I have become very good friends with, now when I say this don’t get me wrong by thinking that I work with a bunch of heathens (there are only a few!) as most of my colleagues are just awesome. Sasha is a little bit younger than me so my initial thought when we first met was wondering if we would have anything in common. I think the fact that she is that bit younger in age but older in mind really does help us get along. When we first met we really didn’t get on but now we tend to miss each other at work. A lot of the time it is great when we don’t work next to each so we can go on break and catch up on our working day together (it’s a great stress reliever having a break buddy!) but on those days that allocations mean we have to cover each others breaks they are just as good. We work well together at work and get on great outside. When’s the next spa day is what I want to know?!!!

Completed Lists

There is nothing more comforting than seeing your whole to do list in a complete state of disarray from all the lines through the tasks you wrote out that morning. I am an avid believer of lists and on the odd days that I tend not to make one I feel incredibly disorganised. When I am at home I use my Filofax to keep track of what I have to do during the day but if I am at work as the things I have to do are specifically patient focused I write them on a piece of paper and shred the at the end of my shift. I am currently working through my Filofax in an effort to overhaul my current planning ways and introduce ones that will hopefully stop me from procrastinating and day dreaming on my days off. A little more direction me thinks!


Some days when I stay at the Mr’s and commute from his end of the tube line I have to leave extra early and instead of getting up five minutes early because let’s face it I would waste it mooching instead of making coffee (!) I am left without coffee until I get to the station closest to work. If I’m honest it is something that I cannot get my head around as love to have my caffeine fix quite soon after I have my shower, but I just cannot get it in before I leave. I have tried cute takeaway cups, quick coffee machines and nothing has changed as I just don’t seem to be able to utilize my extra 5 minutes or get out of bed! What I would do to have a Grind store near to me!!! When I eventually get my coffee after walking out of the tube station looking like a walker from ‘The Walking Dead‘ I feel much better about my day and can finally eat my breakfast (cinnamon bagel or muesli these days!). How do you like your coffee?!

Fresh Breeze

Things can get pretty stuffy whether I am at home or work and just stepping outside and feeling a nice fresh spring breeze is just the greatest feeling. As the weather is more on the cooler end of the spectrum at the moment when I go outside without a jumper, scarf and hat on I do get some odd looks, especially at work in just my scrubs with no coat. But you really just cannot beat that fresh feeling when you get a good smooth gust of wind into your lungs. That with a bit of sunshine really does make a day so much better, especially if most days you go to and from work in the dark.

What makes your day?