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As the months go by I fall back in love with a magazine that has never really meant that much to me. To some this particular magazine is something that they prioritize over food, I am yet to get to that point but it really is something that makes me think more and more about what I wear each day, whether it is what is considered as ‘in Vogue’ or not. One thing in the back of my mind each time I read this beaut of a glossy is that I wish I had the confidence to stand in front of the camera and actually be in pictures with my latest OOTD. Each time I try this I am bitterly disappointed by the outcome and then I remember I am not a supermodel but instead a regular person and should just get on with it.

With each month my confidence grows and as I am trying to find my own style I am getting a little more experimental with my choice of clothing and make up. Does Vogue have this effect on you, or is there another mag that you grab when out and about and cannot wait to get stuck in at home?

In Feb’s Vogue one of the things that I absolutely loved was something that may seem tiny but Patricia Arquette’s two page advert for Marina Rinaldi really made me beam. Usually I see size 0 models that just seem too perfect, this time Patricia smiled and was just so beautiful but the one thing that stood out the most was her womanly figure. Awesome right! Now I am by no means calling her fat, chubby or anything of such as I think they are quite offensive – she just looks great, HAPPY.

Levi 315 Shaping Boot Cut Jeans, Jeans, Fashion, Blog A Book Etc, FaySticking to the Fashion side of things this month highlights the return of the rigid jean and the phasing out of skinny jeans. This is something that I am quite neutral on but I cannot say that I will be ditching the skinny’s just yet as they are extremely comfortable. I have always loved Levi’s and have had an old pair knocking about for quite some time now but they are so battered that they only get hauled out for house cleaning days – you know the type that have holes everywhere (but not in the right place for public outings!). A colleague of mine bought a pair a couple of weeks back and I have to say I can’t wait to get over to the states to pick up a few for myself as the range seems to be bigger there.

Are you into the ‘rigid’ look or are you staying faithful to the skinnies?!

The High Mountains in Portugal, Yann Martel, Books, Fiction, Penguin Random House, Penguin Books, Blog A Book Etc, FayOne part of Vogue that I totally geeked out over this month is the selection of books picked out by Hannah Nathanson. Out of the eight books picked for this particular page the one that I have twitchy palms for is Yann Martel’s The High Mountains of Portugal. Have you read it or any of Martel’s previous books? Check out my review of Martel’s Beatrice & Virgil.

Victoria Health, Cailyn O Circle Brush, Make Up Brush, Make Up, Brush, Beauty, Blog A Book Etc, FayLast but not least on the beauty side of things the new Cailyn O Circle Brush is something of beauty and sounds absolutely amazing. Seriously just imagine having more than a million micro-fine bristles wafting across your face, placing your powder in all the right places. At just £35 per brush it is also a very affordable. I don’t know why but I love a nice make up brush and if it feels like heaven during application that is really a bonus.

I’ll leave it at that for this months favourites from Vogue and really do look forward to hearing what are your favourites from Vogue or your favourite glossy – please do tell . . .