Season Change

Lavender, Autumn, Blog A Book Etc, FayEven though we are almost at the end of November and the season change is apparent things have been extremely busy for me at work and home. It is rare that I get minute to just take a step back and look around. With that in mind over the past couple of weeks I have managed to take a couple of strolls. Whilst out and about I have been snapping until my hearts content.

Seasons, Autumn, Blog A Book Etc, FayDespite a lot of dead leaves it was all just so beautiful. The fact that next to a pile of dry old twigs is a beautiful red, orange and yellow tree. Just think when you are feeling sad about the summer passing you by you can look up and around and see all of this. My back garden is one of the places that on my days off I like to potter about with a big cuppa and just take it all in.

Trees, Treelined, Blog A Book Etc, FayUnfortunately my dog can only go for short walks now due to his arthritis and a couple of other issues with his muscles and legs. Despite having to walk quite slow it is always lovely when you see such beauty all over. We walked around a couple of local streets and took in the sights and although it was freezing these colours really lifted my mood.

Dogs, Labrador, Black Labrador, Autumn, Seasons, Blog A Book Etc, FayAfter the streets we hit the park and he just loved it. Whilst I was walking around with my camera up in the air and all about the place Hector was rolling around in the leaves having a ball. This park is not far from our house and the first park he ever visited as a puppy so it definitely has a place in both of our hearts. At this time of the year it really is just beautiful as it is surrounded by trees and plants. True beauty.

Yellow, Autumn, Seasons, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

Conkers, Orange, Berries, Autumn, Seasons, Blog A Book Etc, FayWhenever I see conkers that have dropped from the trees I know it is autumn. Back in my primary school days we used to make up all sorted of games with conkers. It really does make me think about all of the unnecessary things that children have to entertain them these days. BUT saying that – times change right?!

Blue Skies, Autumn, Seasons, Blog A Book Etc, Fay

It has been a great couple of weeks embracing my camera and just putting my school work to one side whilst enjoying the great changes happening around me. The last couple of pictures are from my back garden and the park we visited, the colours are just outstanding and the fact that despite being so cold old the sky was still bright blue really did once again lift my mood.

What do you like about the change of season?