On the feast day of St George I would like to wish you all a Happy St George’s day. This may sound incredibly non-patriotic but I just found out by walking out of the entrance at work on my break and a volunteer wishing my a good day! So from me to you once again Happy St George’s Day!

*This post will be updated later when I have access to my computer!*


readathon book pile

Are you ready for the read-a-thon? I know that I have been away for just under a week but that is what happens when work and general life just get in the way. Sadly my activities have not been blog or photo worthy therefore it has pretty much been radio silence over here at Blog A Book central. However as my mother always taught me as I am sure many of yours also did – if you have nothing worthy of interest to say just SHUT UP!

So on that point, I am just checking in and seeing how everyone and everything is going – whether you comment or not well that is something for you to decide but I will be checking out some new blogs and commenting even more than I did over this last week. Yes when I do not write I read and network with all of you lovelies!

This weekend I will be co-hosting over at 24 Hour Read-a-thon which will be the second time I have done this – it may sound geeky as it is a day full of reading but I absolutely love it and my blog is called Blog A Book Etc after all so there really should be some booky stuff right?!

As you can see above in the image – that almighty pile of books is what I intend on reading over the 24 hour period. How much of the pile I get through is another story but ambition is key! You can check out my progress throughout the blog as although as mentioned above I will be co-hosting for a couple of hours I will also be tweeting, instagramming (is that even a word!) and writing the occasional post on my personal progress. Oh it is just all go!

Right once again but finally I am going! Work is calling!

Check out the read-a-thon bits and bobs




ideal home outside

With great thanks to the lovely press people who organise the Ideal Home Show myself and Catherine were given press passes to this wonderful event. There were many great sights and despite missing the opening day the show remained in full swing right until the last-minute of the day and I am sure until the closing day.

Once we crossed the threshold we headed to the press office to collect our passes and get going.

press pass mistakes

My question really was ‘how many times can you get BLOG A BOOK ETC wrong?! Not exactly the picture of prepared for someone who you know is showing up. The kicker was that Catherine’s who they claimed was my +1 was on the side waiting neatly written out and they ‘couldn’t find it’. After this debacle we giggled for a while after this.

Now the next set of pictures will be favourites picked from the many traders that were showing the day I attended. There were so many traders and it was almost impossible (for my memory card anyway!) to take pictures of everything!

Ideal Home Show picks1

Good right?!

Floral Headpieces

These great headpieces I can imagine being worn at many festivals – how cute are they!

Bits & Bobs

From cute to tasty . . .


Did anyone go to the show and if so I would love to hear what you thought about it – if there were any favourites at all?

After a long while I have managed to put together a set of my favourite outfits from the catwalk at the Fashion Weekend in Birmingham. There were many designers but there are four that stood out amongst the lot and the designs, colours and overall style was phenomenal. A colossal round of applause goes out to the designers and I hope you enjoy my favourites as much as I did.


Koyawo Line

Khloe Nova

This particular designer did not stand out because of sheer beauty or style but sadly out of disgust. The style was described as chic but personally (and I hope I do not offend by saying how I feel) it looked more like hooker chic. Sadly for the designer I was not the only person who seemed to think this thought about the collection as whispers were much the same around my seat.

Khloe Nova

Nina Naustdal

Nina Naustdal1

Nina Naustdal 2

Sofia Dourvari

This particular designer is most definitely my favourite her flare for the pure unadulterated beauty is unbelievable and to top it all off she is just such a lovely person. Myself and three other lucky bloggers including Catherine from Vintage Frills were lucky enough to interview Sofia after the show and even though I was a jittering mess I think it went quite well. There will be a video up eventually but I have to edit it first!

Sofia Dourvari1 Sofia Dourvari2

This last set of photos below showcase what I believe to be the most stunning piece in the Dourvari Collection. The impeccable detailing and just simplicity of the design is utter perfection. The statement headpiece and fan tail just top it all off. I can only wish for such a beautiful dress on a wedding day (If I ever get married that is!). The lovely Sofia also stated that she makes bespoke designs for individuals so every last detail is personal and will make you feel like a million bucks.

Sofia Dourvari3 Favourite


whispers underground

This review will not written with the same structure as my other reviews. The only way I can explain why is due to Audible. Firstly let me make a point of saying that I am not the biggest fan of Audible but it really does help when out and about when you do not want to end up driving or walking into a street lamp.

The Aaronovitch books were recommended to me by my friend Catherine as we both share a great love for our city London and as you can most probably guess by the covers and titles of the books they are heavily based in London and its close surrounding areas. There are areas that I have either lived, worked or visited frequently which really makes it great to read about.

I cannot really say much about the books without giving away the story so what I will say is that I HIGHLY recommend these books to those with a love of London, in search for a little bit of love or those that just love a good read.