International Women’s Day 2014

Did you celebrate? If so how?

Only finding out this afternoon there wasn’t really much for me to do about it and there aren’t exactly any big celebrations happening so I just had a lovely chilled out afternoon with far too much caffeine and a bit of wandering around. After lugging around my camera then promptly realising that I left the memory card at home in the computer the camera on my phone was the next best thing. There was nothing in particular that stood out to me so I looked to the sky and got a bit snap happy. After a quick trip to instagram my picture came out not looking half bad. For a quick fix I do love a bit of instagram as does most of the world!


Whenever I am driving it really is the worse time of day as the light is difficult to judge other road users. It is also the time that half of the world drives with either no or full beamed lights on that drives me crazy. It is STILL daylight guys have some common sense and if you must drive with lights use your side lights!

Ok – so this is the part where my rant is over and I continue to post about what I originally set out to post about. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!

There are a gazillion posts out there at the moment highlighting individual women who are famous some way or another and have ‘inspired’ confidence or the like in today’s women. Personally I would like to highlight every woman out there in this post not for being fabulous or not so fabulous but just for living life everyday with the gusto to carry on. I could take the feminist stance and bang on about the difficulties of being a woman but I won’t as it will nonetheless lead to a debate of the sexes and that really does not interest me in the slightest. This is a day to celebrate your femininity and just about being a WOMAN.

womens dayClick on the above picture to go the page where I found it. 

The above picture is the most inspiring picture I found online today. It is beautiful and highlights many words that are associated with not only women but what I would like to believe society.

So how have you spent your day?