Clash of Kings etc . . .

Getting into the Game of Thrones book one was quite a mean feat in itself. Once I finished it there was a sense of achievement and relief however there was the want for me. At this point I was still travelling and had to satisfy my need for continuation with the e-book. Now as you may know from a previous post titled Kindle vs Real Books I always tend to go for the printed word. 


Now that I am home and have less time on my hands I find the series of GOT quite extensive to read, that being said the TV series really has helped with my predicament. Currently running past my point of reading book two I am now at the end of Series 2 and will continue to watch rather than read. I have to admit it is a shame but I do not want to get bored with GOT and LOVE the TV series.

Giving up this series has opened up my reading schedule to tick off many other books that have been on the waiting list for the past month or so.

Next on the list . . .

Christmas @ Rosie Hopkin's Sweetshop

Received this on Friday and definitely worth the wait.

Inferno - UK cover

This has been on my night stand for quite some time and I think I need to get through it soon.

What is on your reading list?