Fun in the sun

Sitting in the sun can take its toll on the skin and without protection we are risking all sorts with our skin. Now I am not a lover on sun tan lotion as I really dislike the feel of it on my skin. I also like to tan well. Now this may not be everyone’s cup of tea as a higher factor may be of favour. I used this for the first time today with a friend in the garden and my skin felt lush after slicking it on.

Malibu Bronzing Tanning Oil SPF6

The smell alone has me hooked – to me it reminds me of ‘that holiday smell’! Maybe it is a personal thing.

At £5.99 – From Superdrug (£4.99 + postage directly from Malibu) a bottle that is not bad as you only use a little at a time. Click on the picture above or HERE to get your hands on some of this great stuff.