App Love – Temple Run

There are so many apps making the rounds at the moment. Temple Run is one that has been on my phone for a while now however it gets played sporadically. More so now when I am bored on the way to work and just cannot read any more. There are quite a lot of games that will not allow you to listen to your own music whilst playing and this can get irritating especially if you are already getting your groove on and get stopped mid flow!

Easy on the swipe and gets your adrenaline going with swift turns, twists, ducks and jumps Temple Run will definitely wake you up.

Temple Run How to

Temple Run 3pic

Temple Run shot 1

Temple Run shot 2

All pictures above were found on Google under the search ‘Temple Run’

Now as you can see the graphics aren’t that exciting but they aren’t the sort that will make you go blind with confusion which can be a good thing.

What game is keeping your phone running low on battery at the moment?