No7 Deco Darling Nail Varnish

13th December

No7 Deco Darling Nails

This is a good a time as any to double up and use the above picture as my advent picture for the day 😀

For my work Christmas party I vamped up my nails a little and when I say a little I mean ‘heavy on the glitter’. I think I went a bit over kill and in hindsight should have stopped at the pink glitter but what the heck!

These nails varnishes are absolutely fabulous and I will definitely be making a purchase or three in different shades. The brushes are easy to navigate on the nail without having to keep re-dipping to add more colour. Also the fact that I only needed one coat to cover the nail fully with no streaks was a huge bonus. The polish dries very quickly and I would recommend it for any DIY nail people who have only 10 minutes to spare. I am going in search of a base and top coat from this range as I am sure it will as much of a delight to use as these are.

Here are the individual colours in the order I put them on with links (click on the colour names) of where to purchase them:

No7 Deco Darling Speakeasy

No7 Stay Perfect™ Nail Colour in Speakeasy – £5.50/10ml

No 7 Deco Darling Daisy Darling

No7 Stay Perfect™ Nail Colour in Daisy Darling – £5.50/10ml

No7 Deco Darling Gold

No7 Stay Perfect™ Nail Colour in Gold – £5.50/10ml

As each bottle states (not so clearly on the back of the glitter colours) the varnishes give the benefit of a pigment rich colour and quick drying ultra gloss finish. Both of which add to the splendour of each varnish. At £5.50 a piece they are not bank balance breakers and can be used in a variety of ways to create various different looks which I will be experimenting with over the next week. I do hope you will join me on this and enjoy these beauties just as much as I have and will continue to do so.