The Virgo

Virgo Characteristics

When I was in high school star signs were something that I really used to enjoy reading and going into some detail about the individual who adorned each sign. There are many different characteristics listed under each sign and a variety of people who take on a small set if not all of the list of their birth sign. I have often debated whether the sign you are born under is your ‘true’ sign and if when looking at the chinese zodiac the link between the year and month correlate.

As you can see I am a virgo. Virgo takes place at 150-180 degrees on the zodiac map. From Wikipedia I found that the ancient greek writer Aratos says this about the constellation which is virgo and seen as ‘the virgin’:

‘Virgo, he says, may have belonged to the star race, the forefathers of the ancient stars. In primeval times, in the golden age, she lived among mankind as Justice personified and would exhort people to adhere to the truth. At this time people lived peacefully, without hypocrisy or quarrel. Later, in the age of silver, she hid herself in the mountains, but occasionally she came down to berate people for their evil ways. Finally the age of bronze came. People invented the sword, and “they tasted the meat of cows, the first who did it.” At this point Virgo “flew away to the sphere”; that is, she departed for the celestial realm.’

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The Virgin

Over the years I have become less and less concerned about what my horoscope says and how it will affect my daily life. Whenever I am flicking through the metro (on the iPad – so technically not flicking as recently discussed at The Open Suitcase!) there is always the page that you go to for Sudoku and this page just happens to have a horoscope corner.

Today Matthew I am going to be:

‘The unwritten rules are the hardest. If you can’t see what they are, how can you see when you’re breaking them? Nobody talks about them – yet the moment they are transgressed, everybody talks. Must they all be obeyed? The issues arising in your life now, are all, one way or another, concerned with ‘unspoken expectations’. You’re not going to please everyone, no matter what you do or say. But the more dialogue you engage in, the more you will understand – and the more you understand, the wiser you will be. Now please, keep reading because, if you haven’t yet had a full personal chart reading, calculated from your date of birth, you have been missing out.‘ – The Mail Online

Isn’t it amazing that according to this everyone who is a Virgo will be going through the same difficult situation. AMAZING! Oh and do not whatever you do forget to read the part in bold red as that is clearly the most important part of the daily horoscope as they have it on each of the 12 signs right at the end.

What it should say is:

If you would like to shell out a hell of a lot of money to listen to some twat on the end of the phone reading from a computer screen please do call 0845 …’ 

What do you think? Are you a great believer of beyond current life?