Betty Blythe’s Style Me Vintage Tea Parties

Darling It's Time for Tea!

Almost a month ago now I was invited to a lovely Tea Party at Betty Blythe in Kensington to celebrate the launch of Style Me Vintage Tea Parties by Betty Blythe. Betty Blythe was an american actress known for her starring role in The Queen of Sheba and many other exotic parts. Only recently did I find that she had an uncredited role in the 1935 film adaptation of Tolstoy‘s classic Anna Karenina. As most of you know myself and fellow blogger Christine at The Happily Ever After are hosting a read-a-long for the mammoth classic. It’s the little things!

Lulu Gwynne is the owner of Betty Blythe which can be found at 73 Blythe Road Brook Green London W14 0HPLulu was so bubbly and welcoming and it was just lovely to be in such pleasant company. If you would like to find out more about the Betty Blythe shop then please do click HERE.

The launch was even better as I did not have to attend alone, my plus one was friend and fellow blogger Catherine from Vintage Frills as she just loves these books and everything vintage. Not only was the event filled with delectable cakes, tea and other goodies. The buzz of conversation and friendly faces was just amazing.

Food Spread at Betty Blythe for Style Me Vintage Tea Parties

Tea & Cake at Betty Blythe Kensington Style Me Vintage Book Launch

How can you resist fluffy pink cupcakes covered in edible glitter, surrounded by bubbles overflowing in glasses and laughter and joy spilling out of everyone around you. The atmosphere was positively thrilling and the host was just the sweetest person. Like a modern-day Mary Poppins Lulu was the perfect host.

Betty Blythe Owner

Betty Blythe Style Me Vintage Book Launch

On top of all of this there was a dress up room downstairs :D. To start with I was a little apprehensive however once we started I did not want to stop. It was like being a kid again and playing with my mother’s clothes and jewellery.

Dressing up @ Betty Blythe Kensington Style Me Vintage Book Launch

I do believe that is one of the few photographs of myself that has featured on here as I do prefer to be behind the camera. Personally I really like this one and it still makes me smile just thinking about all the fun we had with the props.

Hat Box @ Betty Blythe Kensington Style Me Vintage Book Launch

Dressing up Dressing table at Betty Blythe Kensington for Style Me Vintage Tea Parties

Accesories @ Betty Blythe Kensington Style Me Vintage Book Launch

Before I leave you to admire the wonders of Lulu’s website and all things vintage I would like to ask you to please respect my blog and myself by not using or editing any of the above photographs without asking for permission first as they were all taken by myself.

Now go forth and recreate that vintage look you have always wanted and if you need a helping hand head down to Kensington for a spot of tea and dressing up with Lulu and friends at Betty Blythe.

Have a great day 😀